Alternative Outdoor Media

Buck traditional. Think outside the billboard.

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve gained a lot of experience in the outdoor advertising, out-of-home (OOH) industry. And we’ve experimented with many alternative, non-traditional media formats, plus we have formed solid relationships with many suppliers and vendors. If you are looking for something special, let us know. Alternative media is our forte!

Some alternative media in our portfolio includes:

  • Tethered hot air balloons
  • Ziplines
  • Digital screens
  • Double decker buses
  • Wall murals
  • Airborne panels
  • In-store point-of-purchase displays
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Projection media
  • Road show tour buses

Whatever your heart desires, we will be your proud OOH partner. Want to try something brand spankin’ new? We’re ready to put our proven marketing tactics to work in fresh alternative ways.

Learn more about each of our alternative outdoor media options and start planning your next campaign!

Ad Balloons

One of our popular alternative OOH media formats is the giant 7-foot helium-filled ad balloon. Whether worn by a brand ambassador or tethered to an experiential footprint, client building or parked branded vehicle, an ad balloon offers a fun branding opportunity. Bobbing above crowds on the street or as a central point at an event, these balloons are highly noticeable in many different environments.

I’m seeing Pepsi all over Nashville!”/ CMA Fest Attendee


Give your brand wings with flying logos! These environmentally-friendly floating foam-based formulations can take on individually designed shapes to create a visual experience that really gets the stares. Great for event advertising or marketing in highly concentrated markets, flogos usually last 30-40 minutes and travel slowly for high visibility – up to 30 miles! Most flogo clouds come in 24-inch, 36-inch or 48-inch sizes.

The photos your team sent certainly show an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere. This is what we want our brand to communicate.”/ Veronica Alvarez, Fox Soccer Channel


Let’s get fun! This is nontraditional OOH media format that is also eco-friendly! We’ll produce a stencil with your artwork, then go to work installing lots of 100 within a 4-6 block radius within the market of your choice. How do we install? We clean the sidewalks! The best part – you’ll be making a big impression…but won’t actually leave a mark on the sidewalks or streets you’ll be saturating! This is an attention-grabbing stunt that has big impact! Stenciling is an effective alternative to traditional media – that gets noticed with high recall.

We were thrilled with how this idea came together and all the media attention it received!”/ Walter Levitt, Comedy Central

Street Decals

Our standard street decals come in 2′ x 2′ size, but sizes and shapes can be customized to fit your brand message. We print in lots of 100 and will apply them guerilla style within a market, unless otherwise permitted by the client. These are great to promote grand openings, special offers or to use as directional signs to funnel traffic to an event or location. Also great for safety tips and public service. Whatever the creative, you’ll be capturing attention as people watch where they walk – literally!

Working with you allowed us to expand our creative thinking and make a large impact in a key campaign market.”/ Samantha Flynn, Jacobson/Rost

Night Projections

Illuminate the night! Turn a building into a billboard with our projection media. Our bright-lights broadcast of your brand can be a static image or a full-motion video. We usually activate between dusk and midnight, and we help source the best locations in a target area to let your brand shine. These night projections are sure to grab attention – and to get people talking!

You guys are amazingly efficient, flexible and just overall great to work with.”/ Steve Ruhl, Amnesty


If you’re looking for a truly unique experience that ties consumers to your brand, our sister brand, dio, an experiential marketing firm, can create live interactive events that will attach a memory to your brand – and drive brand recognition, recall and loyalty. From PR stunts to retailtainment, pop-up marketing to flash mobs, our combined team of creatives can ideate, strategize and execute an effective campaign for your brand. Forget about doing everything the way you’ve always done it, forget the traditional; try something unique, original and experiential!

Compared to our experiences with other guerilla / experiential marketers, you guys are in a class of your own: ‘Best in Class.’”/ Charlotte, Corner Bakery Cafe

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