Branded Vehicles

Move your message with our fleet of branded vehicles.

Our branded vehicles drive quite the impact. No matter what your advertising goal is, a unique branded vehicle can increase brand awareness and drive your message to the exact target audiences. No idea is too big. If we don’t have it in our fleet, we will source and customize a vehicle for you. Discover our fleet of vehicles below and let us know if you have any questions!

Armored Vehicles

Within our fleet, we have armored vehicles that help tell a different type of story. If you need to express strength and fortitude or daring and adventurous or safety and security, then this vehicle can really convey your brand’s personality. Create an emotional connection and an unbreakable impression.

You guys are amazingly efficient, flexible and just overall great to work with.”/ Steve Ruhl, Amnesty International

Manhattan Units

For advertisers who need to drive their message in Manhattan, NYC, we offer a smaller mobile billboard, allowed within city limits and designed for urban maneuvering! Our newly redesigned Manhattan units use the same state-of-the-art vinyl framing system as our standard mobile billboards. They can play double-duty on field marketing campaigns, providing ample storage for Segways, JetPacks or samples during a campaign. While this advertising vehicle is a smidgen smaller than our standard mobile billboards, the shape allows you to utilize three sides of creative instead of two. While aptly named for the market they’re most used in, these promotional mobile billboards can be used wherever your campaign drives them.

The trucks looked awesome, and it made a huge impact to the client.”/ Stephanie Calderwood, Outdoor Media Alliance

Food Sampling Vehicles

What motivates consumers more than food? Sometimes, the best way to a consumer’s heart is through his or her stomach. We have our own fleet of chic, streamlined sampling vehicles that can be customized with the refrigeration or heating appliances you need. This creates efficiencies for you and allows us to deliver a fully turnkey solution for your sampling activation. And if your mobile tour requires another type of food truck, we’ve got you covered. Food sampling is a satisfying way for brands to connect with their communities. A creative build and branded vehicle wrap will help your brand’s food truck pop, and we’ll even staff the activation with well-trained brand ambassadors to distribute food and drink samples. Maybe they’re your food company’s own, or maybe the yummy treat represents the flavor of your brand and gives you something to offer passersby that they can’t turn down!

Out of all customers who were making a purchase, and not just foot traffic, 14.7% stated that ‘yes’ they had seen your truck.”/ David Seim, Gordon Brothers Retail Partners

Glass Box Trucks

A showroom on wheels, a glass box truck is a very unique way to drive your message – and your products – through key markets. With transparent sides and back, this truck can really show off your stuff! Glass trucks express a brand’s unique creativity during an out-of-home advertising campaign. They can also be used during field marketing and experiential activations. We have even driven a trophy cup from stadium to stadium!

As an outdoor non-traditional media, do it outdoors really brings it to life!”/ John Harrobin, Chief Markeing Officer, Verizon Wireless

Eclipse Solar-Powered Taxi Bikes

A perfect solution for large events or conventions, this wrapped taxi bike can offer rides to and fro while giving the driver, a trained brand ambassador, a longer interaction time to educate riders on your brand. With a solar panel on its roof, this taxi bike is eco-friendly, not to mention cute as hell! The taxi bike can also be retro-fitted with a self-service green screen PhotoMarketing experience for riders.

This is a really awesome thing you guys are doing! It brings excitement to the community.”/ Jackie McCullough, Consumer

Bicycle Bars

A fun twist on the food truck, a bicycle bar lets people hop a ride – and enjoy your tasty treats on the go! We’ll custom wrap it so that your brand stands out and even provide the bartender. Want to use sampling bikes without the bar? That’s OK, too!

As an outdoor non-traditional media, do it outdoors really brings it to life!”/ John Harrobin, Verizon Wireless

Special Effects Vehicles

Get more “oohs” and “aahs” and of course more attention when you add special effects to your out-of-home advertising vehicles! Everyone will be staring, and that’s exactly what you want. Let us create a “smoking” billboard, release a hunger-inducing aroma in the area or add music to your mobile billboard. A little creativity, and your message will be quite the production on wheels!

Our best sales and share week for CVS was the week of the mobile billboards, which is great news!”/ Client, CVS

Unique Branded Vehicles

With our network of industry partners, we’re not limited to the vehicles we own in our fleet. We’ve done tour buses, barges and even dump trucks for clients. What kind of vehicle makes sense for your advertising message? We’ll give it a customized vehicle wrap and send it on a route mapped out specifically to your target audience. Let’s think outside the truck.

Working with you allowed us to expand our creative thinking and make a large impact in a key campaign market, which led to surpassing client expectations.”/ Samantha Flynn, Jacobson/Rost

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