Field Marketing Teams

Drive brand-to-consumer engagement with our field marketing services.

Unleash professional, trained brand ambassadors to meet and mingle with your key target audience where they live, work, and play! Our engaging field marketing teams create memorable experiences for your customers, drive results, and humanize your brand. With market research done through a notable sample size or with an extensive marketing campaign, you can expand your brand reach to your customers. Whether a pre-advertised event or a guerrilla marketing campaign, our field teams give you the opportunity to make deeper brand-to-consumer connections with face-to-face engagement. If you are looking for a repeat customer based marketing strategy, you can also look towards such websites as SheerID for extra help in that area.

Our field marketing capabilities include brand ambassadors and street teams on foot or in flash mob style, with the option to use one of our popular media formats:

What’s Included:

No matter what type of field marketing team you choose, we provide:

You can expect from our standard field marketing campaigns:

We offer field marketing services in the U.S. & Canada, including Hawaii. Wherever your audience is, that’s where we’ll go! Contact us today for a custom quote for your next marketing campaign.

Learn more about each of our field marketing teams’ capabilities.

Brand Ambassador Street Teams

Our guerrilla marketing tactics put brand ambassadors to work creating excitement around your brand. Our street teams usually come in quantities of four brand ambassadors accompanied by one national field manager, but there’s no limit to how many brand ambassador teams you activate during one field marketing campaign. Brand ambassadors are professional spokes-models for your brand and receive ample training on campaign talking points and objectives. Field managers are stationed across the U.S. and Canada, including Hawaii, and lead your brand activations in the field. We use a sophisticated staffing process to ensure those working on your campaign align with the brand’s objectives. (Read more about what characteristics make a great brand ambassador!)

Because of the do it outdoors’s event manager’s ability and willingness to think ‘outside the box’, the team capitalized successfully, distributing premium items and talking with parade watchers in large numbers.”/ Stephen Grieco, Borders, Perrin & Norrander

Branded Segway Squads

Our field marketing teams can interact with patrons on foot – or via branded Segways! These brand ambassador teams are made up of fully trained, professional actors and models who pass out special offers, perform marketing research, encourage mobile app downloads or engage with your consumers directly in almost any way imaginable. These effective street team squads will represent your brand with the highest level of enthusiasm, all while riding eye-catching, branded Segways.

Excellent work, and we all had a blast working with you. Your team of Segways were fine ambassadors for our message and theme.”/ Jack Williams, Clean Sky Coalition

JetPack Teams

Another way our field marketing efforts pay off for clients is through the use of JetPack teams. These fully trained, professional brand ambassadors pass out free coffee or lemonade while they’re promoting your brand, product or service. Consumers love getting a free cup of joe while hearing about your local business, and the JetPacks, themselves, add a cool factor to any campaign.

There is lemonade on your backs?! Stop it! This is the coolest thing I have seen to date!”/ Consumer

iSquad Teams

If your marketing goals include tech-integration, our field marketing efforts can, too! Whether it’s NFC, beacon technology, mobile app usage or showing a multimedia presentation on an iPad, our brand ambassadors are ready to engage with your target audience virtually as well as in the physical world. This cutting edge one-on-one marketing is great for collecting data, loyalty club sign-ups or marketing survey responses. Your well-trained, tech-savvy brand ambassador team will have your fans geeking out.

You and your team are so buttoned up and you really have made things run very smoothly.”/ Lyndsay, Paseo

PhotoMarketing Teams

Say cheese! Some of our most successful field marketing campaigns include PhotoMarketing. Our brand ambassadors snap pictures of your consumers in the field, then place their image within a digital branded border. They can easily post their personal – yet branded – photo on all their social media networks, using a trackable and measurable campaign hashtag. Other PhotoMarketing services can also be integrated into your campaign, including: multi-camera, multi-angle production, full green screen technology, step and repeat banner placement, or selfie stick usage. Photo booths or kiosks are also a popular option.

A terrific plan, supported with a passionate team of marketers and well executed. And the results show it!”/ Diana Hovey, Corner Bakery Cafe

Sampling Bicycles

These versatile field marketing bikes can store food and drink samples, premium items, branded swag, flyers or just about anything else you can dream up. Not only is the storage a convenience for our brand ambassadors activating your campaign, the bicycles offer additional branding opportunities. Our sampling bicycles can be transformed into bar tops, podiums or points-of-sale.

The team on the field was great to work with, did a nice job representing Walgreens and spread the word about Pet Prescriptions. “/ Justin, Walgreens

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