Just do it outdoors, Kinetic!

When out-of-home gets together with digital, amazing things happen.

Take your message on the road – go anywhere, anytime with our in-your-face, can’t-miss mobile billboards. Then deliver a 1-2 punch that drives digital engagements and improves the overall media performance. We’re able to achieve 1:1 audience targeting across both the physical and digital worlds with our unique mobile display advertising solutions.

Let’s do it outdoors, together.

We cannot wait to get to work on your Kinetic accounts! Give us a shout, and we'll holler right back at ya.

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A few ways we can help you up your media planning game:

  • Drive brand awareness with scale
  • Generate immediate foot traffic into brick and mortar locations
  • Target specific audiences based on proximity, near: stores, competitors, events or key locations
  • Aim your message at precise buildings or client headquarters
  • Saturate specific markets or zip codes with a strong mix of reach and frequency
  • Personalize the creative message and delivery based on proximity across one or multiple markets
  • Improve digital media performance with credible OOH reinforcement
  • Retarget the OOH audience on their mobile devices

We help your clients make a larger-than-life impression on their precise audiences. Our media formats go anywhere, anytime to raise awareness, increase purchase intent near points of sale and remind customers of unique offerings with contextual relevance.

A few winning Kinetic OOH campaigns which we’ve collaborated:

Kinetic OOH campaign
Kinetic OOH campaign
Kinetic OOH campaign

Your key partner contacts are:

Julie Fontanella – for NYC accounts

Rita Hill – for Chicago accounts

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