Out-Of-Home + Mobile Advertising

Achieve more memorable OOH results, stronger digital performance when combining the two.

Power your digital messaging directly along the path to purchase. Out-of-home advertising offers a unique solution to reach people in the real world – and also on their mobile devices – with proximity-based relevance. Americans spend 70% of their time outside the home, and we take our smartphones with us everywhere we go! It makes sense to grab a consumer’s attention physically, then deliver content they can take with them on their own device via direct mail. By planning out-of-home media plans alongside digital marketing, there is a powerful amplification that produces greater results than just the sum of both channels. OAAA reports that when you combine the two, you achieve up to a 316% greater reach. The messaging has continuity, and you increase frequency and relevance. This works brilliantly when combined with branded links that your audiences can trust. You can look to companies such as Bitly, who can be found at https://bitly.com/pages/features/mobile-links, if you’re looking for further information about this. It’s also important that you saturate the same strategic locations with physical and digital content to strongly impact your target audiences in those areas. Plus, we can serve the OOH audience display ads in real-time and also retarget them to reinforce the messaging across both channels. When you integrate these two powerful media channels, you’re able to more effectively engage your target audiences. It’s a savvy approach the smartest marketers are adopting!

We are currently combining physical and digital media in several innovative ways:

Paired with our true proximity targeting, you’ll reach more of your precise audience while offering highly rewarding content that makes sense in a consumer’s physical world. Our specialty may be outdoor advertising, but we’re omni-channel thinkers. OOH and digital go together. And we’ll drive results that will cause your traditional media to blush with shame.

Learn more about each of our out-of-home + mobile advertising options and start planning your next campaign!

Mobile Advertising

By planning your mobile advertising in conjunction with your out-of-home media, you’re amplifying the results of your campaign. Click-through-rates increase on average by 56% when a digital campaign includes outdoor advertising. Our latest innovative shadowfencing technology allows us to serve ads closest to the mobile billboard in real-time by automatically adjusting the location parameters through GPS integration. In addition to shadowfencing exactly where the mobile billboard drives, we can geofence key points of interest as well as deliver personalized segment audiences. We will reach the right people in strategic places across both OOH and mobile channels. Integrated campaigns combining the power of OOH and mobile display lend themselves to more audience data and attribution metrics. Download our geofencing one-sheet and our shadowfencing one-sheet for more information.

The mobile billboards paired with mobile advertising made a huge impact on our Yolanda Welcome Campaign. I really enjoyed working with the do it outdoors media team and look forward to future integrated campaigns with you.”/ Larry Watzman, Director of Marketing & Creative Services, WBNS-10TV

Digital Calls-to-Action

Encouraging user participation can increase levels of engagement. Use the larger-than-life creative on your mobile billboard to incentivize action on a smartphone. Calls-to-action could include an SMS shortcode to text-to-win, a QR code, an augmented reality experience or a social code, as examples. Whether you have a mobile tag or are looking for some creative ideation, we can help you drive more opt-in engagement than ever before! In fact, a recent Nielsen study showed that 66% of out-of-home viewers took some action on their phone after seeing an OOH ad.

We were thrilled with how this idea came together and all the media attention it received.”/ Walter Levitt, CMO, Comedy Central

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Using NFC tags, our brand ambassador street teams can encourage consumers they intercept in the field to download your brand’s digital content quickly and directly to their own devices. With a simple tap of his phone, a consumer can be directed to a landing page, to enter to win a sweepstakes, to save a VIP pass to a party or to download an app. NFC is a great way to deliver movie trailers or a branded game, or any interactive digital content your brand may be promoting. Now available on more devices than ever before, NFC is becoming a widely adopted form of technology that goes beyond mobile payments. Consumers are getting more familiar with NFC tags and how to use them. We can incorporate NFC on business card-sized handouts, on tags worn/carried by brand ambassadors or at OOH signage stationed in your experiential footprint, trade show booth, or other media.

1 in 4 OOH viewers who have a smartphone have interacted with an OOH ad using NFC sensors or QR codes.”/ 2016 Nielsen Out-of-Home Advertising Study

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms like Instagram are bigger than ever – especially now that you take your apps everywhere you go. This means that it’s vital to consider a physical engagement strategy for your social profiles. Our advertising campaigns are digitally anchored and socially fueled. Based on your specific marketing goals, we can integrate social media into your messaging or provide near field communication (NFC), RFID, Wi-Fi or beacon technology solutions. Digital integration ensures consumers receive personalized content on their smartphone and casts a wider net reaching more people with a multi-channel media approach. Our innovative and intelligent partners in the tech industry continue to present emerging opportunities for our clients, and we are quick to adopt effective, integrative technologies that boost an ad’s performance. Social media amplifies your campaign in a way that adds track-ability to your advertising efforts, producing measurable results. From content creation to social encouragement, we’ll collaborate with you and your other agencies to determine the best to build buzz around your campaign.

We’re tickled with the work you’ve done so far and appreciate how buttoned up you’ve all been. The viral ‘buzz’ on our G-260 campaign has already started to build.”/ Rick Radermacher, Crabb Radermacher LLC

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