Drive your brand with our out-of-home media formats.

Our outdoor advertising media formats are designed to be ultimate attention seekers and, of course, are designed with your marketing obstacles in mind. You need more foot traffic, increased sales and better brand awareness or recognition. And we will drive your message through your market where it matters most: where your customers live, work and play! This hyper-local targeting allows you to reach your key target demographic precisely. Our diverse menu of out-of-home mediums delivers a winning combination of reach, frequency and impact where consumers spend 70% of their time: out of their homes.

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are used to share a brand’s message with motorists and pedestrians in virtually any market. We own and operate our entire quality-maintained fleet and use our proprietary true proximity targeting software to customize a route that puts your message in front of your precise target audience. Advertisers choose the time, place and proximity-based messaging, giving you the ultimate in control and flexibility. While we shudder at the term billboard trucks, mobile billboards are often referred to as mobile advertising vehicles, billboards on wheels or truck-mounted advertising. Our units and drivers are always professional representations of your brand and are available in any U.S. market.

Nikon and the entire McCann team are extremely pleased with the mobile billboards. As a result, we feel that ‘NikonDigital’ was a true presence and unavoidable, especially by our competitors. The driver did a great job as well in getting where we needed when we needed to be there.” / Nino Rossello, McCann Erickson

Beacon-Enabled Mobile Billboards

Talk about personalized, hyper-local, relevant marketing! Beacon-enabled out-of-home media formats deliver a personalized experience in a dynamic new way. Enable beacons on a mobile billboard, a brand ambassador team or an experiential activation, and ping consumers with campaign-specific, hyper-targeted and proximity-based content during times they’re highly alert. As pedestrians and motorists enter the beacon zone (up to 50 meters from the beacon-enabled mobile billboard), they’ll receive a push notification. This delivers interactive brand-to-consumer messaging, such as: a special offer, a link to a website, a video or game, directions to the nearest store or a calendar reminder. This forward-thinking, innovative and digitally-anchored approach to outdoor advertising is also highly measurable. Track how many people receive a message – and then enter your store! By using your own app or a network of third party apps in our always growing partnership ecosystem, you can reach the right audience on the device they value the most: their smartphone!

When out-of-home advertising is paired with a smartphone campaign, the reach is amplified by up to 316%.” / OAAA

OOH Digital Engagements

Power your digital messaging directly along the path to purchase. We believe that all advertising should be mobile-centric, because people don’t leave home without a smartphone. Out-of-home advertising offers a unique solution to reach people in the real world – and also digitally – with proximity-based relevance. In addition to enabling our media with beacons, we can layer into your campaign several OOH + mobile solutions: mobile banner advertising to fully saturate your mobile billboard route with your messaging; push notifications via geofencing to alert consumers when they’re near your activation; an SMS / text call-to-action to deliver rewarding offers; Shazamable content that reaches Shazam’s 100 million+ monthly active users in-app and in the real world; NFC tap technology to direct consumers to specific digital content; Google’s ‘The Physical Web’ activations that help connect people to the world around them. Paired with our true proximity targeting, you’ll reach more of your precise audience while offering highly rewarding content that makes sense in a consumer’s physical world. Our specialty may be outdoor advertising, but we’re omni-channel thinkers. OOH and digital go together. And we’ll drive results that cause your traditional media to blush.

Mobile + OOH has the potential to revolutionize the medium and elevate the conversation brands are having with their consumers.” / Mikhail Damiani, Blue Bite

Illuminated Mobile Billboards

Let’s light ’em up! If you’re targeting those enjoying the nightlife or hitting the gym or shopping center after-dark, our illuminated mobile billboards will light up your messaging, so you can run an effective outdoor advertising campaign, no matter what time of day – or night – you’re running.

I have the opportunity to work with many billboard companies. I give most of my work to do it outdoors, because my experiences with them have been so positive.” / James Moretti, Zenith Media

Mobile Billboard Domination

One moving mobile billboard will turn heads. But a fleet of 25 mobile billboards, one after the other, infiltrating the roadway will grab everyone’s attention and create a heart-pounding emotional impact. Mobile billboard domination leaves a lasting – and branded – impression on each person who is captivated by it on the street.

Your attention to every detail going on and professionalism is exactly why we recommend do it outdoors for RH Donnelley’s mobile billboards.” / Karen Czech, Outdoor Services

Armored Vehicles

Within our fleet, we have armored vehicles that help tell a different type of story. If you need to express strength and fortitude or daring and adventurous or safety and security, then this vehicle can really convey your brand’s personality. Create an emotional connection and an unbreakable impression.

You guys are amazingly efficient, flexible and just overall great to work with.” / Steve Ruhl, Amnesty International

Manhattan Units

Box trucks, popular for Manhattan campaigns and therefore aptly named, are also part of our ever-growing fleet. Truckside advertising displays work similarly to mobile billboards, but these trucks can play double-duty for storing samples that a field marketing team can be distributing within the same local market. While the vehicle is a smidgen smaller than our standard mobile billboards, the shape allows you to utilize three sides instead of two.

The trucks looked awesome, and it made a huge impact to the client.” / Stephanie Calderwood, Outdoor Media Alliance

Food Sampling Vehicles

What motivates consumers more than food? Sometimes, the best way to a consumer’s heart is through his or her stomach. Since the dawn of the food truck revolution, food truck tours have been a way for brands to connect with their communities. A creative build and branded vehicle wrap will help your brand’s food truck pop, and we’ll even staff the truck with well-trained brand ambassadors to distribute food and drink samples. Maybe they’re your food company’s own, or maybe the yummy treat represents the flavor of your brand and gives you something to offer passersby that they can’t turn down!

Out of all customers who were making a purchase, and not just foot traffic, 14.7% stated that ‘yes’ they had seen your truck.” / David Seim, Gordon Brothers Retail Partners

Bicycle Bars

A fun twist on the food truck, a bicycle bar lets people hop a ride – and enjoy your tasty treats on the go! We’ll custom wrap it so that your brand stands out and even provide the bartender. Want to use sampling bikes without the bar? That’s OK, too!

As an outdoor non-traditional media, do it outdoors really brings it to life!” / John Harrobin, Verizon Wireless

Unique Branded Vehicles

With our network of industry partners, we’re not limited to the vehicles we own in our fleet. We’ve done tour buses, barges and even dump trucks for clients. What kind of vehicle makes sense for your advertising message? We’ll give it a customized vehicle wrap and send it on a route mapped out specifically to your target audience. Let’s think outside the truck.

Working with you allowed us to expand our creative thinking and make a large impact in a key campaign market, which led to surpassing client expectations.” / Samantha Flynn, Jacobson/Rost

Special Effects Vehicles

Get more “oohs” and “aahs” and of course more attention when you add special effects to your out-of-home advertising vehicles! Everyone will be staring, and that’s exactly what you want. Let us create a “smoking” billboard, release a hunger-inducing aroma in the area or add music to your mobile billboard. A little creativity, and your message will be quite the production on wheels!

Just a pleasure to work with you. The do it outdoors team are thorough, detailed, professional and personable.” / Su Aros, Avaya

Custom Build Out Mobile Billboards

Our badass team of artists and vehicle technicians can design in 3D to attract more attention to your mobile billboard. Want to add a basketball hoop off the back? No problem. Add in a digital countdown to your big event? Why not! Want to carry someone away with you? Sure! We can create a bit of texture or build out a full 3D design. The only limits are our imaginations (and we have big ones)…plus, a few vehicle regulations that we’ve got down pat. They’re no obstacle for our creativity on wheels.

Just a pleasure to work with you. The do it outdoors team are thorough, detailed, professional and personable.” / Su Aros, Avaya

Brand Ambassador Street Teams

Our guerrilla marketing tactics put brand ambassadors to work creating excitement around your brand. Our street teams usually come in quantities of four brand ambassadors accompanied by one national field manager, but there’s no limit to how many brand ambassador teams you activate during one field marketing campaign. Brand ambassadors are professional spokes-models for your brand and receive ample training on campaign talking points and objectives. Field managers are stationed across the U.S. and Canada, including Hawaii, and lead your brand activations in the field.

Just a pleasure to work with you. The do it outdoors team are thorough, detailed, professional and personable.” / Su Aros, Avaya

Branded Segway Squads

Our field marketing teams can interact with patrons on foot – or via branded Segways! These brand ambassador teams are made up of fully trained, professional actors and models who pass out special offers, perform marketing research, encourage mobile app downloads or engage with your consumers directly in almost any way imaginable. These effective street team squads will represent your brand with the highest level of enthusiasm, all while riding really fun branded Segways.

Excellent work, and we all had a blast working with you. Your team of Segways were fine ambassadors for our message and theme.” / Jack Williams, Clean Sky Coalition

Jet Pack Teams

Another way our field marketing efforts pay off for clients is through the use of jet pack teams. These fully trained, professional brand ambassadors pass out free coffee or lemonade while they’re promoting your brand, product or service. Consumers love getting a free cup of joe while hearing about your local business, and the jet packs, themselves, add a cool factor to any campaign.

There is lemonade on your backs?! Stop it! This is the coolest thing I have seen to date!” / Consumer

iSquad Teams

If your marketing goals include tech-integration, our field marketing efforts can, too! Whether it’s NFC, beacon technology, mobile app usage or showing a multimedia presentation on an iPad, our brand ambassadors are ready to engage with your target audience virtually as well as in the physical world. This cutting edge one-on-one marketing is great for collecting data, loyalty club sign-ups or marketing survey responses. Your well-trained, tech-savvy brand ambassador team will have your fans geeking out.

You and your team are so buttoned up and you really have made things run very smoothly.” / Lyndsay, Paseo

PhotoMarketing Teams

Say cheese! Some of our most successful field marketing campaigns include PhotoMarketing. Our brand ambassadors snap pictures of your consumers in the field, then place their image within a branded border. They can easily post their personal – yet branded – photo on all of their social media networks, using a trackable and measurable campaign hashtag. Other PhotoMarketing services can also be integrated into your campaign, including: multi-camera, multi-angle production; full green screen technology; step and repeat banner placement; or selfie stick usage.

A terrific plan, supported with a passionate team of marketers and well executed. And the results show it!” / Diana Hovey, Corner Bakery Cafe

Social / Digital Integration

We believe advertising campaigns need to be digitally anchored and socially fueled. Based on your specific marketing goals, we can integrate social media into your messaging or provide near field communication (NFC), RFID, Wi-Fi or beacon technology solutions. Digital integration ensures consumers receive personalized content on their smartphone and casts a wider net by reaching more people with a multi-channel media approach. Our innovative and intelligent partners in the tech industry continue to present emerging opportunities for our clients, and we are quick to adopt effective, integrative technologies that boost an ad’s performance. Social media amplifies your campaign in a way that adds track-ability to your advertising efforts, producing measurable results.

We’re tickled with the work you’ve done so far and appreciate how buttoned up you’ve all been. The viral ‘buzz’ on our G-260 campaign has already started to build.” / Rick Radermacher, Crabb Radermacher LLC


Give your brand wings with flying logos! These environmentally-friendly floating foam-based formulations can take on individually designed shapes to create a visual experience that really gets the stares. Great for event advertising or marketing in highly concentrated markets, flogos usually last 30-40 minutes and travel slowly for high visibility – up to 30 miles! Most flogo clouds come in 24-inch, 36-inch or 48-inch sizes.

The photos your team sent certainly show an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere. This is what we want our brand to communicate.” / Veronica Alvarez, Fox Soccer Channel

Alternative OOH Mediums

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve gained a lot of experience in the outdoor advertising, out-of-home industry. And we’ve experimented with many alternative, non-traditional media formats, plus we have formed solid relationships with many suppliers and vendors. If you are looking for something special, let us know. Alternative media is our forte! From tethered hot air balloons, digital screens, double decker buses, wall murals, airborne panels, in-store point-of-purchase displays and interactive kiosks to whatever your heart desires, we will be your proud OOH partner. Want to try something brand spankin’ new? We’re ready to put our proven marketing tactics to work in fresh alternative ways.

Because of the do it outdoors’s event manager’s ability and willingness to think ‘outside the box’, the team capitalized successfully, distributing premium items and talking with parade watchers in large numbers.” / Stephen Grieco, Borders, Perrin & Norrander


If you’re looking for a truly unique experience that ties consumers to your brand, our sister brand, dio, an experiential marketing firm, can create live interactive events that will attach a memory to your brand – and drive brand recognition, recall and loyalty. From PR stunts to retailtainment, pop-up marketing to flash mobs, our combined team of creatives can ideate, strategize and execute an effective campaign for your brand. Forget about doing everything the way you’ve always done it, forget the traditional; try something unique, original and experiential!

Compared to our experiences with other guerilla / experiential marketers, you guys are in a class of your own: ‘Best in Class.’” / Charlotte, Corner Bakery Cafe

iKahan Digital Billboards

We have exclusive access to digital billboard inventory in the Hispanic LA market, thanks to our partners at iKahan media.
This digital billboard network is comprised of seven digital displays and 56 individual flips, delivering more than 1.8 million A18+ weekly impressions per flip across all seven faces. These digital structures are strategically positioned at high traffic freeways and intersections across Los Angeles County. Their 16 mm billboards are of the highest quality available, ensuring maximum exposure and clarity for each brand’s unique message. In addition to their digital network, iKahan offers five static bulletins for a total of 12 LA Spectaculars. Contact us for specific location and availability information.

We strive to deliver an exceptional full-service customer experience and are committed to nothing less!” / iKahan media

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