Our Difference

The do it outdoors difference is simple: we want you to succeed!
  1. We act as your strategic partner, making your marketing goals our own.
  2. Our campaigns are delivered to the highest of standards.
  3. We devise innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs.
  4. We are passionate in the roles each of us plays in delivering the final product.
  5. We are confident in the way we get things done.
  6. We are driven when it comes to taking on new challenges and meeting tight deadlines.
  7. We are focused on serving our clients’ needs.
  8. We understand the consumer journey and celebrate each experience along the path to purchase.
Identify demographics and hyper-local geographies, as well as audience behaviors, interests, habits and motivators.
Create customized routing and planning that meets the needs of both consumer and brand.
Develop tailored experiences for your target audience, leveraging partnerships to ensure best performance.
Activate a successful campaign with key logistics and operational elements in place.
Measure the campaign’s effectiveness based on brand awareness, consumer engagements, intent to buy and media mentions.
True Proximity Targeting
True Proximity Targeting

TPT is our proprietary routing software system that precisely aims your messaging to the exact identified target audience, considering both geography and key demographics. We develop unique and customized routing for each and every campaign, increasing ad view-ability among your target audience. Our routing strategists work diligently to place your message along the right path to reach the largest audiences at the best times.

Our smooth operators, your logistics heros.

Our operations team (staffed in York, Pennsylvania, and Las Vegas, Nevada) have years of practice and have developed an amazing logistics network, which allows our units to be in any market in the U.S. within a few days’ notice. This is very important for a business that requires a logistical base, there are others that you can get more info about too so you have all the research you need, but always go for what is right for you. From routing to staffing and unit tracking – they have this nailed down! Led by our V.P. of Operations and Human Resources, this crew is systematic, pragmatic and all around fantastic. Every duck is in the row. Here is what you can depend on for your campaign’s operations:

In addition, our experiential marketing manager and field marketing team ensure each brand activation is executed in the field seamlessly.

GPS Tracking: Our units are digital.

Our mobile billboards are equipped with live GPS tracking, which means we know where your unit is at all times. We keep constant (but safe) communication with the drivers who are in the field on campaigns, so if you need us to change a route, we can make real-time adjustments to your campaign. We’re up-to-code when it comes to following digital driver laws and have a high standard for accountability on and off the road.

As a general rule of thumb, drivers on most campaigns average approximately 120 miles a day. For best exposure, routes targeting one physical address are kept within a 3-5 mile radius. Geographical areas need to be kept, targeting no more than 20 locations within a 10-mile radius per day. We’ll be happy to assist you with your routing and other questions.

The Value of Our Campaigns

In addition to all the reasons why we love out-of-home advertising, we truly believe in the power of our unique and specific media formats. As a proud member of the TAB Out of Home Ratings, we have access to impressions data in over 200 designated market areas (DMAs) and over 900 core-based statistical areas (CBSAs) and also use an intelligent mapping software to strategically plan your customized route to converge your desired audience demographics with the locations that will garner the most views. We are currently actively working with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) to lead the charge in calculating mobile billboard measurements in the top ten U.S. markets, which will further prove that this outdoor media format gains more impressions within a larger coverage area compared to any other out-of-home media. And when you factor in price, it’s one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums for the return you’ll receive. With our expanding digital offerings, we are adding in even more metrics that will be available during and after your campaign.

Our field marketing teams deliver same-day detailed reports chocked full of both qualitative and quantitative data to keep you informed and provide an accurate portrayal of what’s happening on your campaign.

Let’s talk about what campaign metrics are important to you and how we can properly measure against those key performance indicators (KPIs).

Do It Green Promise

We recognize that business growth and development comes with great responsibility. We have adopted and promote initiatives which will help protect and enhance the environment for future generations.

Staggering improvements during the past two decades have reduced the size and scope of the impact on our environment within the trucking industry. Better engines, engine monitoring, better fuel performance, driver training and the customized aerodynamic design of our fleet help to reduce our carbon footprint. We are also actively engaging in conversations with international partners to re-design our fleet using electric chassis or other alternative vehicle types.

Bottom line, we love Planet Earth as much as you do.

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