Employees in Rocklin, California take a break to show us how to stay 6ft. away!

When COVID-19 hit, the retail and “essential business” industry was forced to pivot without pausing. Grocery, hardware, and healthcare employees were suddenly finding themselves in long, busy shifts in order to keep up with demand. Stories of tough working conditions and exhausted employees spread across different media outlets.

Without missing a beat, Ace Hardware realized that they fell into this essential category, and they wanted to show their employees that they were appreciated and valued. This campaign goal was to raise the morale of their team members, offer motivation, and keep employee/employer connection intact.

So in May, we rolled out 15 Mobile Billboards to top performing Ace Hardware markets. Our strategic routing included Ace Distribution Centers, Retail Stores, high traffic areas, and even a few lucky employee’s homes. The Mobile Billboards parked at predetermined locations and we worked together with the onsite management in order to ensure we were there at ideal times to catch the maximum amount of employees. We were even present at the distribution hubs to catch the attention of overnight delivery drivers leaving at all hours of the night.

Sometimes, in the midst of a crisis; sticking to your core values and culture can provide a successful brand awareness and loyalty campaign.

Campaign goals may not always be measurable in dollar signs, app downloads, or followers. But when smiles are limitless; well, we think that hits the nail right on the head.