anatomy of a mobile billboard

There’s more than meets the eye when you look at a mobile billboard. We’re giving you a closer look at how our units are designed with your brand safety in mind and what features of a mobile billboard you should keep watch for.

A mobile billboard offers large curbside real estate to capture the audience’s attention. An advertiser has two sides, both a large 10′ x 22′ creative space, to display your brand message. You may even choose to display two creatives; one message on one side, a second message on the other. Some advertisers have displayed two versions of the same message, one in English and the other in Spanish. We’ve even done some custom build-outs to extend the creativity of your design.

When designing your mobile billboard ad, consider a bold design that’s easy to understand in a few words. For greater engagement, add a mobile tag to the creative.

Your ad will be printed on a 9.5 ounce vinyl. Most find this high quality image is easy to see in all lighting conditions and at multiple angles. We stand by our effective creative delivery.

The mobile billboard is your messenger. We’ll drive your brand and command attention of everyone around us.

Our state-of-the-art framing system is one of the features of a mobile billboard that has been perfected over the years. Using a clip system, your vinyl advertisement will hang smoothly and stay secure. The framing system also adds a sharp look to the overall advertisement, creating a distinctive border around your creative. This system allows for beautiful displays, each and every time. Because our fleet of mobile billboards are uniform, your creative delivery will be the same on every unit during your campaign. We offer national coverage, giving you the scale you need.

Our driving staff responsible for installing the creative finds this framing system both quick and safe to use. Creative messages can be swapped out easily during a campaign, such as a pre- and post- grand opening. If you want to change the mobile billboard’s clothes to make different brand statements throughout the course of your campaign, just let us know. We’ll be sure the mobile billboard is dressed to impress.

From the deck of the mobile billboard vehicle, there are lights that will shine upward onto your creative message. Our illuminated mobile billboards allow you to run day or night. They are a stunning accessory to your creative message.

Inside the cab, we’ve packed our mobile billboard with advanced fleet technology. As part of our commitment to safety, we’ve installed a camera system. Cameras inside the cab offer views of both the driver and what the driver sees. Our cameras are always capturing what’s happening. We pull the footage when an incident occurs. This helps us investigate a situation and offers teaching moments based on driver behavior. The footage has also exonerated our drivers and our company from inaccurate witness claims.

Outside, we also have cameras installed on the exterior sides of our mobile billboards. Because our mobile billboards are large commercial vehicles, these provide additional eyes for our drivers. The cameras have also been helpful in recording incidents. (We’ve even had our footage used by local police to solve traffic accidents we were not involved in.)

Our Zone Defense camera systems are displayed for the driver’s view. The monitor shows the driver/passenger side when the turn signal is indicating, allowing the driver to see his or her blind spot. It also shows the rear view backup camera. These cameras are a safety feature that really improve our driver’s situational awareness – and prevent accidents.

Another high-tech feature inside our cabs is our telematics software. Our operations team can access each driver’s hours of service records to ensure compliance with Department of Transportation regulations. The XRS software has helped us to better manage each driver’s workload, creating a safer driving force. Our telematics software also tracks driver behavior, such as speeding and hard braking. Management is notified and can immediately address any infractions. And our telematics records help direct ongoing training and our focus on safety.

We respect what’s under the hood. Or in our case, the entire cab. A well-maintained engine drives your campaign and helps us deliver in full. That’s why we routinely inspect and maintain our fleet, and why we regularly monitor vehicle systems. Our units electronically submit pre- and post-trip inspections and condition reports. When something needs attention, we’re notified and provide the care needed promptly. We’re always proactive when it comes to vehicle maintenance, so we can prevent missed days or costly repairs. It pays for us to stay in great shape!

Together, the tech suite represents the brains of our operations. Our management are monitoring the brainwaves and are informed of how each unit is running at all times.

Our in-cab tablet is the heart of our mobile billboard. It’s the most important piece to our offerings, because it has two key functions. One, it provides our strategic turn-by-turn routing directions. Two, it tracks the GPS location of each unit.

The value of a mobile billboard campaign stems from its highly-targetable, customized route. We map key points of interest and store locations as well as demographics to strategically plan the mobile billboard’s course. All of these data points are communicated to the driver via this tablet. Drivers can follow the map on the screen, but they’re also listening to audio direct them turn-by-turn. Being able to move anywhere you need us to go is one of the biggest benefits of this out-of-home media format.

Additionally, our mobile billboards are tracked via GPS in real-time. We can monitor each mobile billboard unit’s location to ensure we’re delivering the campaign following the prescribed route. When you walk into our operations headquarters, a large screen on the wall shows where we’re running in real-time at any given second of the day. It’s fascinating! But GPS provides us so much more than location tracking. A new GPS-integrated geofence we’ll be releasing allows us to serve mobile display ads based on a unit’s current position. Pretty exciting stuff!

Although the features of a mobile billboard are high-tech, they aren’t autonomous, yet; therefore, we depend on our skilled and experienced drivers. They are the soul of your campaign! Our drivers are uniformed and are professional representatives of each brand our mobile billboards promote. They have each been fully vetted and appropriately verified with appropriate background checks. Drivers are DOT-certified, drug-tested and held to high standards.

In the driver’s seat, our cabs are designed to maximize comfort, convenience and visibility. Drivers are expected to adhere to our safety guidelines, and they can even receive safety awards and recognition for their safe driving habits. Drivers receive ongoing training and adopt a safety culture. Simply put, it’s our drivers who deliver great marketing campaigns.

Our drivers are fine ambassadors, keeping your brand safe with every turn.

If you would like to explore the anatomy and features of a mobile billboard some more, please give us a call.