Our commitment to clients, it’s how we roll. We are dedicated to great advertising – and your brand safety – at every turn. We promise to run great marketing campaigns by delivering on these three principles: Production, Quality Service and Safety.

We’ve continually invested in our fleet of mobile billboards. From improved vinyl framing systems to evolution of in-cab technologies, we’re proud when we roll a unit out on campaign. Our fleet is also ever-growing. We add new mobile billboards regularly, plus we offer the three-sided Manhattan unit, armored vehicles and our new fleet of sampling vehicles. Our field marketing division owns Segways, JetPacks and sampling bikes, too.

Producing a campaign goes beyond the vehicle, of course. We apply our strategic routing software to every route and ensure our in-the-field staff are always trained on the campaign. Our drivers are uniformed and experienced; our brand ambassadors are knowledgeable and led by a dedicated field manager. We hold ourselves accountable and to the highest of standards.

We also try to make quick turnaround requests happen, without sacrificing the product we’re delivering. We accept your challenges and meet tight deadlines. Dependability is important to us.

Our entire team – from sales to operations, from creative to field marketing – is passionate in the roles we each play to deliver a memorable campaign.

Every company promises good service. But we really do work hard to deliver on our promise. We operate with a partnership mentality. That means we see ourselves as an extension of your own team, not just another vendor.

To make lines of communication easier on you, every client has an account executive and an account manager to serve as the point person for your campaigns. Our account team is well versed in terms of flexibility. Need a last-minute routing change? No sweat. We’ll do our best to take care of it.

With command centers on both the East and West Coasts, we can serve our nationwide clients better. We also share posting photos at the start of the campaign and provide proof of performance reports following the campaign with a link to easily downloadable campaign photos.

We’re focused on serving our client needs, and we continually strive to devise innovative solutions to meet marketing goals.

If there’s something we can do better, we’re open to feedback and engaging in those conversations.

We have a commitment to safety. There is a safety committee which meets monthly, and we work closely with a safety consultant, HMS and our new Captive insurance partner, REvolution, on risk management.

“Risk management is a top priority,” says Clark LaGanke, operations field and safety manager. “We strive to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents and incidents every day.”

Of course, owning and operating the largest national fleet of mobile billboards and advertising vehicles has its challenges. That’s why we’ve put into play a best-in-class risk management program.

For the year ending in 2018, we scored a respectable 96.9% on our RCA (Risk Control Assessment), working with REvolution.

To get our team constantly thinking about safety, the company has put together an awards program and requires ongoing training, as well as monthly safety quizzes.

Our drivers have safety apparel (vests and/or hats) for when they’re outside the unit taking campaign photos. We perform regular safety inspections. Telematics software notifies management when a speed limit or hard brake violation occurs. We have a zero tolerance of cell phone use while driving policy. We don’t just evaluate driving records while on the job; we evaluate personal driving habits, as well. All of these add up to a safer fleet.

We’re measuring significant reductions in speeding and hard braking year-over-year and continually push for better results.

Our mobile billboards are also equipped with cameras, keeping an eye both in and outside the vehicle for additional safety.

“When you have 100 units on the road, there are no guarantees,” says LaGanke. “But we continually keep safety top of mind, so we can mitigate risk and focus on great advertising.”

With all of these principles in place, we can deliver value beyond the mobile billboard, itself. We keep advertiser brands protected and costs lower.

To learn more about our brand safety efforts, please contact us.