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Luck gets a brand new look with new campaign, custom mobile billboards

Today’s campaign rewind takes us back a couple of years to when creative agency David&Goliath sought to put a completely new and sleek spin on promotional and advertising efforts for their client, the California Lottery. They wanted to (quite literally) give luck a new look with a new campaign involving custom mobile billboards.

By devising creative around a mysterious woman in a black leather jacket known as Lady Luck, CA Lottery launched a national ad campaign with exclusive Black Scratchers® scratch-off cards. Most of these were printed on metallic substrate, which added a slick, premium feel to them—some even included blinking LED lights for added impact. The campaign had a unique upscale “salon” style, designed to be unlike any other lottery-based game campaign. As the product required a higher price tag, it seemed like a great fit for the campaign (per

'Luck Has a New Look' campaign

Lady Luck goes out-of-home

In addition to some edgy TV spots, social media and online video ad content, CA Lottery wanted to incorporate some unique out-of-home advertising in Los Angeles. do it outdoors was tapped to provide mobile billboards; however, the lotto and their agency was looking for that little je ne sais quoi that would help these OOH messages stand out even more.

do it outdoors teamed up with the custom fabrication experts at MNFX to help bring CA Lottery’s vision to life.

Fabrication challenges and solutions

The overall goal and challenge of the project was to fabricate mobile billboard creative made from thousands of individual black, four-leaf clovers. Each one would need to be affixed in a way that would allow them to flutter without coming unattached while in motion. They had to withstand the elements, such as the wind forces of driving along a highway.

Additionally, the clovers had to survive being handled by the public. do it outdoors and MNFX didn’t want consumers who came up close to view the custom mobile billboards to be able to pick the clovers off too easily.

The solution? Reinforced, rubberized canvas sheets that were die cut into these ornate clover patterns and then pulled through a specialized black vinyl-coated wire mesh (duh). This method meant that all the clovers were interconnected, making them considerably stronger and more durable.

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do it outdoors’ Operations team worked alongside MNFX to ensure that that necessary modifications to the custom mobile billboards could be achieved safely, logistically and aesthetically to meet the client’s goals. Ultimately, the final deliverable was not only a hyper-local, hyper-targeted advertising medium, but a truly one-of-a-kind OOH experience that garnered very positive reception from Los Angeles locals who interacted with it:

I think [the mobile billboard] grabs your attention from far away. It did for us.”

Very high-end, I should say. [CA Lottery] is a 5-star lottery…it’s just hot!”

The four-leaf, black clovers. That’s awesome…I do feel fortunate today, I have Lady Luck on my side. Gonna go out and buy me a scratch off.”

Because we own and operate the largest fleet of mobile billboards in the US, the sky’s the limit when it comes our build-outs and fabrication capabilities. We can create a bit of texture or full 3-D designs. The only limits are our imaginations (and we have big ones). They are no obstacles for our creativity on wheels.

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