Think global. Act local. That’s been at the root of CPG marketing for decades. Growth through expanding geographic distribution is important, but it cannot be sustained if you lose the relevance of local messaging. Out-of-home media (OOH) can help streamline that reach across regions with simple and unified messages that speak locally but keep the brand intact. This is true across all consumer packaged goods (CPGs), including foods, beverages, personal care items, household cleaners, laundry products, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, pet supplies and cosmetics.

OOH can mean a number of different media opportunities. OOH includes: billboards, mobile billboards, bus shelters, airport ads, taxi toppers, subway placements, street teams, food sampling and other alternative media. OOH reaches a variety of audiences, which helps CPG brands appeal to wide demographic base. Available on a national or global scale, each OOH placement can be cherry-picked based on proximity to point of sale or the exact audience you’re reaching. The benefits of OOH media are advantageous for CPG marketing.

OOH’s creative opportunities, alone, fit well into such a media plan that requires global consideration at a local level.

Your CPG marketing plan also includes social, video, coupon distribution, retail point-of-sale, email, print and broadcast. OOH, though, does pad any media plan for greater return on investment. When OOH is added to any media plan, the ROI increases. It is a cost-effective way to bridge the other messaging together and reinforce the frequency needed for recall.

CPG brands can leverage OOH media formats for a last-touch marketing push. OOH reaches people directly along the path to purchase. This influences product and brand choices greatly once at the point of sale.

In addition, pairing the digital marketing plan with the OOH media can show stronger results than the sum of the two parts. Reach them with big, bold creative physically. Then immediately serve them content – or coupons – they can take with them on their own device.

A collaboration with your retail partners could also prove to be an effective retail marketing strategy for CPG brands. With a co-op media buy, you could drive traffic into their specific stores to purchase your products. For example, Pepsi and Dollar General partnered to reach country music fans around CMA Fest.

Some benefits of using out-of-home (OOH) media in your CPG marketing plans include:

  • Greater reach across all regions
  • Ability to personalize messaging based on location – by region or proximity to point of sale
  • Reinforces the rest of the media mix to boost awareness, frequency and recall
  • Last-touch marketing approach to increase purchase intent or purchase decision near the point of sale
  • Appealing offer to retail partners in order to activate within close proximity to store locations
  • Integrates well with digital media and boosts online engagement
  • Creates sampling or product demo opportunities to engage on a one-to-one level

CPG marketing covers a wide array of consumable product marketing. Yet, OOH is a solution that works well across all CPG categories.

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