data capture

Data capture is often a tactical objective for our field marketing teams. Advertisers want to generate leads or collect feedback while having face-to-face interactions with consumers. Field marketing provides that connection between a brand and its audience to allow for such data capture activity.

This data, such as name, email, phone, zip code or survey answers, becomes useful insight for the brand’s marketing team. Whether it’s the ability to re-market to the participants or to better understand them, data capture is an important piece to many field marketing campaigns.

Depending on the scope of the data capture, we’ll evaluate the best tactical approach to collecting it. The brand ambassadors can leverage a brand’s existing software, or we can license software for the flight of the campaign.

If you already have software that syncs to your CRM or stores data for you, we are adept at adopting those types of platforms. For trade shows, you may require us to use a badge-scanner or badge-scanning app. For other campaigns, we may equip our team with electronic tablets.

The software we license is fast and reliable, and it allows us to collect data whether we’re online or offline. Plus, it’s login-required and data-secure. While on some campaigns, it may be necessary for us to export the data and temporarily store contact info for a client, the data is solely owned by the brand. We never transfer, sell or share client data outside of the client, itself.

To capture someone’s data, offer a value exchange. Is there an incentive for a consumer to hand over an email address? Is there an experience that’s worth their time to answer a survey question? Finding ways to engage an audience authentically with a give-and-take motivator will increase both the quantity and quality of data captured. Data capture should be fun for the consumer. Inspire them to naturally want to hand over their contact information…in exchange for something valuable.

For example, a performance wear retailer captured guest data before posing for a photo with a celebrity athlete. A beverage company was successful at collecting email addresses because they were handing out a brand new product kit valued at over $20. A CPG brand asked for an email in exchange for a free sample of tots, in which they could later serve up a coupon for the same product in grocery stores. Brands can incentivize data capture by offering an exclusive VR experience or through other unique opportunities.

Our PhotoMarketing solution allows us to tie a social media sharing tool into your data capture campaign. We can simultaneously collect consumer data with ease and amplify your reach. A consumer takes a photo, enters their name and email to receive that photo and then is prompted to share seamlessly across their social media networks.

Handing over one’s personal data is a form of capital. They can trade their name and email for the chance to participate in a fun, rewarding experience.

Once the value exchange has been identified, it’s time to plan the data capture campaign! If there are permitted venues, such as an event or trade show, the brand ambassador teams will engage attendees. Otherwise, the brand ambassadors will activate with guerrilla marketing tactics to canvass a strategic route designed to intercept the appropriate audience. The field marketing team will ensure the right audience is participating in the campaign to generate the best data capture results for the advertiser.

Once in the field, brand ambassadors take data capture seriously. They know how important it is to make the consumer feel at ease, as well as how critical to a campaign’s success data capture can be for advertisers. They are tasked with collecting a certain number of responses, but those responses also have to be of a high quality. We monitor the campaign’s results on a daily basis, so we can make real-time adjustments to continually improve the data capture results.

The data will be handed over to the client for their future marketing needs. If additional survey data is needed, we can also help with post-campaign survey collection.

If you’re considering field marketing to aid in your data capture needs, please give us a call!