Dexur mobile billboard

Dexur, a healthcare research firm, launched a mobile billboard campaign around key healthcare locations including hospitals and surgical groups. The objective of this campaign was to increase awareness of Dexur’s rankings of top surgeons in New Jersey. Dexur has one of the largest anonymized hospital claims databases which it uses to rank surgeons by case volume. Research has shown that case volume experience is associated with better patient quality outcomes. Dexur’s data, analytics and research is trusted by the healthcare community and used in research studies by top institutions such as Harvard.

Dexur’s surgeon rankings are available in video which is licensed by hospitals, surgeons and physician groups to embed these videos on their website, social media, YouTube and other digital channels. Surgeons who practice at leading hospitals such as Sarasota Memorial Hospital, CHI Franciscan & Centrastate use these video to enhance their reputation.

We partnered with Dexur to implement this campaign. Besides our extensive track record with previous advertisers such as HBO, Walmart and H&R Block, Dexur chose to work with do it outdoors media because of our national reach. Dexur can leverage our large fleet of out-of-home media formats to execute a nationwide outdoor advertising campaign.

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