do it outdoors interns

Chapter SIX: The Real Deal


Searing pains jolt through my ligaments and down my arm as thoughts pour from an Expo marker and litter the white board. After hours of discussion and deliberation, we were finally starting to see the beginnings of a business plan emerge.

The do it outdoors media intern cohort was assigned a team project. Shae, Becky and Regie spew out suggestion after suggestion in an attempt to collaboratively bring the most badass, hip and utterly successful brand to fruition. It was only mere weeks ago that we caught wind of this unique business endeavor and soon thereafter, we had a hefty assignment come flashing across our computer monitors.

It was up to us to research, brainstorm and develop a brand new business plan!

Targeting an audience aged 18 to 21 years old, our input is remarkably applicable to the project at hand. We’re all familiar with the college-aged demographic. I mean, we all are the college-aged demographic.

But even though we’re all the same age, our opinions and thought processes differ greatly. We’re quickly learning who has what strength and leveraging those skills. Team projects are designed that way. Our differences grant us the opportunity to delve into all aspects of the business model.

As a bunch of kids, focusing on the strategical components has been a complete pain in the arse! Brand names, colors, designs, clients and exact prospects cloud our tactically inclined noggins and bump the analytical necessities to the outermost confines of our brains.

We want to jump right to the fun stuff. But we are told, we’ve got to nail the overall business strategy first.

Appealing to people like ourselves isn’t remotely close to being “easy”, but it’s surely “easier”. If you were to ask me to design a brand geared toward a demographic of elderly Hispanic females with a habit of chewing their fingernails or wear pink on Tuesdays, I’d probably laugh and cry simultaneously. But identifying with the challenges of a college student away from home and living on campus? Been there. Done that.

There are a ton of logistical details to be configured, tossed aside and scooped up before summer’s end, but we’re up to the challenge! Ladies and gentlemen, keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready for the brand reveal soon!

Next week, Regie Maher is up to bat with his own “Getting to Know Your Interns” installment! The recent high school graduate is the Swiss Army Knife of our intern group, knocking both sales and marketing duties out of the park!

Last week, you read about my first sales call. I’ll be posting a weekly diary of an intern update every Friday. Follow me as I embark on this internship journey!