Chapter TWO: Birdy, the Boating Businesswoman


Transitioning from the delectable cold cuts of last week to the pretzel sandwiches, cheese pizza, and glazed donuts that have proven to occupy our café this week, I’d love nothing more than to introduce my colleague, friend, and fellow food connoisseur, Shae Grim. (By the way, if you’re not following our Instagram account, check out my Intern Inspiration series to see proof of the caloric intake we’ve enjoyed during training.)

Much like myself, Shae falls into the wake of paperwork and conferences, also feeling a bit dragged down by the duties of each day. Yet, that never ceases to leave her with anything less than a smile on her face when we sit down for our habitual lunch break around noon of each day. As the sweet red juice of her strawberry treat drips down her chin, she recounts the tribulations of her morning and elaborates on some of her assignments that she’s dealing with in the Human Resources Department here at do it outdoors media. It takes a special type of college student to work an eight hour shift, five days a week, but that simply doesn’t “float Shae’s boat” (that’s a tad bit of foreshadowing, so just be patient). Twice a week, she gathers her materials and leaves the office around 5:00 in the evening to go sit in a summer marketing class for yet another three to four hours! It parallels perfectly with all that we’re absorbing each day in this corporate environment, learning the trajectory of sales pitches, the structure of the organization and far more than I could ever put into a blog post!

Saying that Shae has a stellar work ethic? Understatement.

All of this said, she truly is a unique individual and brings in an unprecedented charisma that radiates throughout our office space. So without further ado, here are a few quirky reasons why Shae is one-of-a-kind!

Her friends and family call her “Birdy”

Intern Named Birdy

She actually has her boating license

An Intern Who Boats

If she were to write an autobiography, she would title it, “My Half-Filled Glass”

Day in the Life of an Intern

Her celebrity crush is the one and only Ryan Reynolds

An Intern Crush

Hanging with Shae is all part of my day in the life of an intern.

In next week’s feature, you’ll meet Becky, another hard-working intern who will bring a smile to your face!

Last week, you heard about my first day of work. I’ll be posting a weekly diary of an intern update every Friday. Follow me as I embark on this internship journey!