Chapter SEVEN: Mojive


Regie “Mojive” Maher trails from a legendary line of do it outdoors greats. His bloodline is laced with charisma, courage and one hell of a personality. After all, his dad is our president and co-founder. So it’s clear to see how he’d wind up as our fourth intern, rounding out our hard-working crew.

When I say that this kid can sell water to a fish, I’m not kidding! A recent graduate of Dallastown Area High School, Regie is heading up to Penn State University with me this upcoming fall for his first year of college. Pursuing a future in sales and marketing, he might even fill his dad’s shoes in the years to come!

Sitting down with our other superstar intern gave me quite a comedic insight toward what it’s like being Regie Maher. Did you know…

…that Regie’s dad told him Santa was fake on Christmas morning when he was 12 years old?

Regie Maher

…that if he could be any fictional character, he’d want to be Rocky Balboa?

Regie Maher

…that he once met the one and only David Blaine?

Regie and David Blaine

…that he’d choose to be a liger if he had the ability to become any animal?

Regie Maher

…and that he’s extremely ticklish?

Regie Maher

We’re honored to be working alongside Mojive the Great this summer!

In the next installment of my Diary of an Intern series, I’ll be talking all about branding and the standards that make us do it outdoors media!

So far this summer, you’ve heard about my first day woes, my first sales meeting and what it’s like putting together a business plan. Follow me as I continue along this internship journey!