Chapter FOUR: On Axis


How do you go about throwing a party in outer space? You planet, of course!

The past two weeks have blurred both my vision and my thought process. I find myself getting so caught up with my assignments and duties, that I’m too busy to concern myself with a filling bladder and yellowing eyes. As I’ve been so busy looking at the computer screen all day, my eyes have started to cause me a few problems. Apparently, a few of my colleagues have had this too. They just found some reading glasses and the problems seemed to stop. Maybe I’ll have to look into them, my vision is starting to blur quite regularly. Despite a few eye problems, I’d like to believe that with my work ethic and time management, I do a fairly decent job at making sure the course of my workdays run as smoothly as possible. That in mind, pee breaks are a rarity! I guess this is simply one of those testaments to “the real world” and what a 9 to 5 lifestyle encompasses.

I’ve come to accept myself as planet-like, really. My head spins on axis for eight hours a day, five days a week. The center of my figurative solar system, however, is an enormous flame-spitting sun. This gigantic star, I remind you, is the pursuit of both happiness and success. For without happiness first, success is more-or-less a nonexistent figment in the back of a circulating cranium. Happiness can be subjective, of course. For some, travel might the ultimate path for happiness. For others, it could be about having a partner with whom they can indulge in deep romantic activities (which may or may not involve toys like the cb-6002). For me, success and happiness are going hand-in-hand, illuminating this solar system and leaving me smiling and praying that one day, all of this stress and tediousness will pay off.

Maybe one day, I’ll reach that sun.

In just four fast weeks, I’ve already encountered a handful of hardships during my internship. The most recent of which being my bloodied combat with national account executive sales binders. Sure, you print off the twenty pages of material and hole-punch them, slide the stack into one of those over-priced jet black binders, and all is right with the world! Except, not. If I had a dollar for every trip I made back and forth to the printer to manually flip the pages for landscape and portrait printings, I’d probably have my college debt paid off and be well on my way to putting a commendable down payment on any one of these tiny homes on wheels for sale because for some reason, I’ve always wanted to move into a house like this. Something small and cozy is definitely the way forward for me, and you can bet that this is where all of my extra dollars will go when I get the chance to save some up. Anyway, the misalignment of printer pages was a meteor, essentially, bolting out of the unknown and crash landing into the spinning planet known as my mind.

When two days’ worth of work eventually settled and it was time to organize the manuals into the binders with dividing tabs, running short on materials was just another blip on my radar. At that point, all I could do was trudge through.

What did I learn? Even the administrative tasks that so many take for granted can be time consuming and challenging.

So I was so humbled when I saw the new employees flipping through those same sales binders, only a few days ago. They appreciated having all of those sales resources right at their fingertips as they learned about our media formats, our clients and our past campaigns. Those binders are allowing them to ease into their new roles. Those binders are their teachers, their official go-to.

Even still, Brendel references his sales binder regularly. It’s very satisfying for me to see that binder sitting on his desk, mere inches away from him at all times.

Brendel Palumbo

Let’s be honest. While I was slaving away on those sales binders, I wanted nothing more than to sink my toes beneath a thin layer of white sand, drink in-hand, and feel the bath-water like ocean of the tropics splashing up against the shore in front of me.

But I’m learning just how much a bit of hard work can leave you feeling stronger and more confident than ever before. It’s amazing, honestly, how those day-to-day struggles and missed pee breaks are essentially part of the journey to that theoretical sun.

I guess that’s what being an intern is all about.

Next week in my Diary of an Intern post, hear about a four-legged field trip to our nation’s capital!

You’ve heard about my first day of work and met my fellow interns. I’ll be posting a weekly diary of an intern update every Friday. Follow me as I embark on this internship journey!