Guaranteed Consumer Engagement: OOH + Digital Media Integration

The first-ever OOH Media Guarantee

The integration of out-of-home (OOH) and digital media is a strategy that’s been around for several years, yielding higher ad recall and consumer engagement than digital alone for brands in nearly every industry.

In 2019, do it outdoors media fine-tuned this strategy by developing the hyper-targeted, hyper-local shadowfencing, which has achieved a 0.63% average CTR (click-through rates)—a 396% increase against industry CTR averages. The consistent success across the board has allowed us the opportunity to

Guarantee 300% increases in CTR to our advertisers.

Seems too good to be true, right? Well, we’re here to help you to better understand what we do, why it works and how brands can benefit from the results.

OOH Media at a Glance

96% of US adults are exposed to OOH media on a weekly basis source: Arbitron

#1 driver of online engagements per dollar spent source: OAAA / Nielsen

85% of US adults find OOH media useful source: OAAA

44% growth in average total miles traveled per day since Apr. 6, 2020 source: Geopath

OOH + Digital Integration Benefits

66% of adult traveler’s ages 16+ report OOH ads have prompted them to take an action on their mobile device.

42% stated OOH drove them to search

32% reported they visited a website on their mobile device after seeing an OOH ad.

40% Increases in ROI for search advertising, and more efficient at driving online activation than all traditional media and banner ads. source: OAAA

What if you were to take that OOH ad, put it on wheels, then serve display ads to devices in close proximity? Some great stuff, that’s what.

“The How” – Mobile Shadowfencing

do it outdoors developed a way to reach OOH viewers in real-time with a “shadowfence”a GPS-integrated geofence that serves programmatic display ads to mobile devices within 200m of a mobile billboards as it drives by and for five minutes thereafter in its trail.

The mobile billboard message is echoed immediately with mobile display, increasing consumer engagement and creating a shadow for ad targeting. It’s that simple.

The Importance of Proximity

do it outdoors’ physical media formats use True Proximity Targeting (TPT) based on demography and geography to drive messages at the right locations.

Paired with mobile display advertising, we can ensure we’re matching your brand with the properly aligned audiences both physically and digitally. No matter who the audience – we can reach them!

Exceeding Industry Standards

Every shadowfencing campaign we’ve launched has exceeded 1industry average CTR numbers, including the 2020 OAAA/Geopath award-winning campaign for the US Postal Service.

Ready To Get Your CTR up 300%?

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