do it outdoors media has launched an click-through rate (CTR) increase guarantee for advertisers that deploy an integrated mobile billboard and digital ad campaign.

First-to-market in the out-of-home (OOH) media industry, this Click-Through Rate Guarantee initiative guarantees that advertisers who launch do it outdoors’ integrated OOH and mobile display ad strategy will achieve an increased number of consumer ad clicks versus their industry vertical average. This integrated strategy, formally known as “shadowfencing,” involves a GPS-integrated geofence that serves programmatic display ads to mobile devices within 200 meters of a mobile billboard. Ads are served to devices as a mobile billboard drives by and continuously to devices in its trail for five minutes. Additionally, consumers who clicked on a previously-served ad can then be retargeted to increase engagement and attribution.

Since developing and launching shadowfencing in partnership with Blue Bite in 2019, such campaigns have achieved an average CTR of 0.63%, which is an increase of more than 300% against 1industry vertical CTR averages (per Google Ads Manager data insights)

Shadowfencing Results
CTR Results: Shadowfencing vs. Static Geofencing vs. Industry Averages

“Our media format and hyper-targeted, hyper-local strategy is one-of-a-kind,” says Regis Maher, President and Co-Founder of do it outdoors. “The results our advertisers have attained are outstanding, and we believe that this CTR guarantee is going to completely change the way OOH’s ability to connect with consumers is perceived and utilized throughout many different industries.”

The combination of a mobile billboard and digital media delivers unparalleled, multi-channel reach, serving consistent brand messaging to consumers both physically and digitally. This strategy helps brands communicate their initiatives, achieve KPI’s and benchmarks, identify market share growth and drive revenue, while ultimately increasing consumer engagement.

To learn more information about our click-through rate guarantee, please contact do it outdoors or 888-852-9143. Or, if you’re interested in starting an integrated campaign, fill out the form below.

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