YORKApril 19, 2022do it outdoors media, the largest national mobile billboard and field marketing company, is excited to announce its new Marketing Director Joseph Holbert.

Joseph Holbert is a Navy veteran who specialized in all things media and marketing. During his deployments, he was the director of videography and social media for the USS John C. Stennis and Carrier Strike Group 9. When he wasn’t shooting badass aerial photos and videos from the back of an SH-60, Holbert was one of the faces of the ship conducting distinguished visitor tours to further highlight the Department of Defense’s messaging.

Once back on land he worked with the Naval Safety Center where he worked to produce three Navy-wide publications, a command-level social media account and dozens of safety-oriented outreach programs.

His medals and awards include two naval warfare badges, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and a Russell Egnor Navy Media Award.  

After leaving the military he worked with the Department of Defense at their communication training school running programs that taught top-down marketing and social media analysis to every major military base you could think of.

“I’m really excited to take everything I’ve learned from the government side of the house and bring it to the private sector,” says Holbert. “There’s a lot of really interesting things I’ve learned from both the military and the DoD in how they market their missions and goals that I hope can provide a powerful arsenal of tools for the do it outdoors family. The team here has already welcomed me into their family and I can’t wait for all the new challenges and experiences I’m going to have with them.”

Holbert will be in charge of conducting our social media presence, marketing strategy and will be a critical lynchpin between our sales team and operations. All of us at do it outdoors are ecstatic to see all of the great marketing expertise Mr. Holbert will deliver not just to our team but to everyone who interacts online with our company.