OOH + Mobile campaign

It’s PSL season! To celebrate all goodies pumpkin, Dunkin’ leveraged an integrated OOH + mobile campaign. Out-of-home (OOH) has massive reach around targeted Dunkin’ locations and events, while mobile display advertising serves up reminder ads to OOH viewer devices.

During the season when America runs on pumpkin, Dunkin’ was able to effectively engage those closest to their points of sale throughout the Washington, DC market. The campaign activated for 40 days and was effectively able to cover areas close to 50+ Dunkin’ locations.

A larger-than-life mobile billboard showcased Dunkin’s savory treats while building brand impact in strategic locations. Geofencing the same locations the mobile billboard was running, we then served a mobile display ad to reinforce the OOH message. By delivering a cohesive creative across both channels in the same distinct locations, Dunkin’ was able to boost awareness and purchase intent.

This is an integrated advertising solution. Dunkin’ served relevant messages across dual channels and delivered high impact near points of sale and at specific events. The combination leads to optimal results.

OOH + Mobile Campaign

Is it OOH? Is it mobile? It’s better than both when it’s combined. Contact us to roll out your own OOH + mobile campaign.

Dunkin’s seasonal ad campaign was purchased through Blue 449, one of our proud agency partners.