eSports marketing is a new but rapidly growing discipline. eSports is soon to become a $1 billion industry. With professional players, public tournaments and a large prize pool, this sport has even grabbed the attention of the International Olympic Committee. While the Asia-Pacific holds the vast majority of market share in the eSports industry, the United States is also experiencing a surge.

“The US is a natural growth opportunity for eSports because of the strong gaming culture here, the ties between gaming and sports, and the country’s natural inclination toward competitive endeavors. The same is true of Western European markets, particularly the UK, Germany, and France,” said Paul Verna, principal analyst at eMarketer.

Various games, leagues, events and other eSports marketing brands are vying for the attention of gamers, mostly males 13-35. Despite the fact that female gamers are still a minority in the gaming business, the gender ratio has nearly equalized in recent years.

Using hyper-targeted out-of-home media formats can effectively reach and engage with this specific audience. For example, a mobile billboard may drive in close proximity to gamer events, gaming stores and arcades.

In addition, we’ve had great success in pairing mobile display advertising with our out-of-home media campaigns. For the eSports industry, we would recommend:

  • Delivering impressions at the same key points of interest as your out-of-home media is driving
  • Optimizing impressions toward males under age 35 as a key demographic
  • Leveraging pre-existing audience segment based on the following behavioral criteria:
    • Video games as a main source of entertainment; video games more entertaining than TV
    • Purchased a video game within last 90 days
    • Predicted to purchase video game within next 90 days
    • Number of video games bought in last 12 months: 1-5
  • Reaching devices with certain apps installed, such as Twitch or Fandom for Fortnite, through AppGraph

The out-of-home media format allows for a big, bold brand awareness vehicle, while the mobile display ads offer a point of conversion for eSports marketing brands. Out-of-home is a highly trusted medium, which adds credibility to the integrated campaign. The mobile display advertisements reach a specific audience with a call-to-action and can reinforce the out-of-home messaging.

Out-of-home media also drives more online engagement, including search and social media activity, than any other media channel per dollar spent. Especially with this younger audience who spends time gaming online, a physical message in the real world could easily motivate an online action.

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eSports Marketing


Out-of-home media provides eSports marketing the opportunity to reach a hyper-targeted audience based on the gaming audience profile. If you’re interested in how the eSports industry can take advantage of out-of-home media to drive awareness, online engagement or league event ticket sales, please say hello.

Download Infographic | Download eSports One-Sheet