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Throughout our 20-year history, we have supported many restaurants. We know how hard combining all aspects of running a restaurant can be. So we are more than happy to play a part in making things slightly easier for you. Whether we are helping launch a grand opening, promoting a limited time offer or introducing new catering services, our nontraditional out-of-home media can effectively reach the local audience in mass. This has proven to raise awareness and drive traffic successfully.


But lately, we’re seeing a shift. Foodservice marketers are layering more shareable experiences within their media plans.

The Mintel Foodservice Trends for 2017 report reads: “Eating and drinking is not a passive experience. In addition to striving to provide memorable meals, restaurants are differentiating themselves by giving consumers an experience they can’t find anywhere else.”

This concept is transcending restaurant marketing – and dine-in experiences – across the U.S.

That’s why we have teamed up with one of our valuable partners, Picture Marketing.

“We have been offering PhotoMarketing services for years as one of our field marketing options. It’s an engaging way to interact with consumers while creating easily shareable content,” explains Rick Pace, VP National Field Marketing. “The consumer receives a branded digital photograph, and we provide easy ways for them to post and share it socially.”

PhotoMarketing has worked well during short campaign flights, such as a five-day activation to promote a grand opening. But now our partner is providing fresh new ways to extend the engagements beyond the grand opening.

“By launching new photo contests driven by social media, or by giving a dine-in customer the opportunity to create their own meme while they wait for their food, you can continue the engagement for as long as you’d like,” explains Pace.

The photos are getting more fun, too! We can still offer the traditional branded overlay pic, but our list of special effects is growing! Similar to the Snapchat filters, we can offer augmented reality face-mapping filters to display a branded mask or floating word bubble. We can use green screen technology to insert consumers into amazing new backgrounds. And we can also capture 3-frame GIFs. The creativity of the final product adds to the engagement level of the consumer.

PhotoMarketing customization
augmented reality face mapping
special effects photos

Restaurant marketing with a side of engagement
In a social media-driven world, where selfies and brand images ignite buying power, how, exactly, can your restaurant become part of the photo frenzy?

Here are a few possibilities:

1. Photo booths

photo booth tower
photo booth towers

Photo booths are no longer old-school. A sleek photo tower like this, fully branded to match the aesthetic of your dining room, can add an element of fun while patrons visit your location. Self-service options allow your patron to shoot the picture and share it without taking staff away from other duties.

2. Restaurant app integration

If your restaurant has an app, users can open the app to connect to the photo portal. This helps drive app downloads and increases your app engagement score. Make it easy to share to social media directly from your app, and always use a track-able campaign hashtag to monitor your brand mentions.

3. Tabletop ordering machine integration

Ziosk photos

The platform we use to take, store and share your photos allows for sophisticated integrations into existing marketing networks and devices. So if you have a tabletop ordering machine, why not integrate a fun photo application within it? Give patrons a way to order another drink – and share a photo of themselves from the table to their social networks.

4. Video testimonials

We’re not limited to still photography. With our PhotoMarketing, we can capture videos, as well. Having a photo booth in your restaurant – or encouraging your waitstaff to film them at the end of every meal – can be a great way to collect feedback and testimonials from your most frequent diners.

5. Wall of photos

printed photo
wall of photos

While we encourage digital sharing, sometimes it’s nice to get a little physical. We can print the photos on-site to either give to the patron as a souvenir, or you can create a wall of photos. Have a menu item challenge? Eat this eight-patty burger topped with slaw, and your picture goes on the wall!

An alternative to physical prints would be to have a digital screen displaying social media mentions to encourage others to post in real-time.

Want more engagement?
Brand ambassadors can encourage participation during your busiest times, as well as for larger events. We can also take the photo capabilities to the streets with opportunely timed field marketing campaigns. This will increase participation and add a layer of human-to-human engagement that will positively impact your brand’s positioning within the community.

Remarketing to your engaged patrons also becomes a possibility with the simple data capture included in the program. Using the photos collected for your own marketing content is an added benefit with the automated signature release.

photo marketing

We recommend augmenting your media plans with a taste of experiential marketing. One raises brand awareness to your targeted audiences at scale, while the other can move a consumer through the entire sales funnel and create brand affinity. Together, you’ve got a successful marketing plan!

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