fashion coverage

Fashion coverage and exposure to fashion buyers, editors, influencers and consumers is a hot topic for many brands. As runway show sponsorships are expensive and fashion magazines are declining, where do you turn to reach this fashion-forward audience?

Answer: A location-based out-of-home media program paired with strategic mobile display advertising.

Elite brands such as rag & bone and CELINE have leveraged mobile billboards, specifically, to drive their fashion brands to the right audience. Because mobile billboards can drive anywhere, they can reach fashion enthusiasts around fashion shows, trade fairs, clothing expos and fashion shopping districts. The out-of-home media formats can stay within close proximity to retail locations, encouraging foot traffic to walk into your store. A customized route will ensure the message is delivered within neighborhoods based on your key audience’s demographics, too.

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For brands looking for nationwide and year-long fashion coverage opportunities, mobile billboards are a cost-effective option. They can offer exposure in multiple markets, during peak fashion seasons and around key events, throughout the course of an annual media plan.

New York Fashion Week? Be there. Rodeo Drive? No problem.

In addition to the bold physical messages with out-of-home media, we can serve mobile display advertisements. Out-of-home media adds credibility and reach to a digital marketing campaign. Out-of-home lifts brand awareness. A digital campaign offers a point of conversion for consumers. When paired with out-of-home media formats, mobile display ad campaigns perform with higher click-through-rates.

By serving ads in both the physical and digital worlds in the same prime locations, you are able to capitalize on recency and frequency of the multi-channel campaign.

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To maximize your fashion coverage, optimize the mobile display ads strategically. For examples:

  • Serve ads within proximity to the events and points of interest the out-of-home media formats are targeting
  • Optimize placements on contextually relevant publishers, such as in beauty, lifestyle and shopping categories
  • Reach devices with specific fashion-relevant apps installed on their devices
  • Leverage audience segmentation data, such as demographics or lifestyle

In addition to a sweeping out-of-home campaign and a laser-focused digital campaign, consider adding a human touch. Whether it’s through field marketing efforts or an experiential marketing campaign, these layers can make a greater emotional impact on your audience.

If you’re ready to exposure your brand to the fashion world, get in touch for a customized fashion coverage plan.