Are you a marketer charged with generating brand awareness and foot traffic to grocery retailers / supermarkets? Out-of-home media (OOH) is a viable solution for you. Whether you’re a discounter, a premiere grocer or a specialty store, you’re looking for ways to build your brand and tell your story within your community. OOH offers broad strokes to reach the local market while honing in on the neighborhoods or audiences you most want to attract into your store. Paired with mobile display advertising to increase frequency, OOH adds credibility and boosts online engagements.

There are many benefits of OOH media that are advantageous for grocery retailers.

Your grocery OOH media plan may include:

  • Mobile billboards. These offer proximity-based marketing closest to your store locations and can go into key neighborhoods. They also reach potential shoppers while at events or other high traffic areas.
  • Mobile display advertising. Reach the same OOH audience or those devices in certain geofences – such as a mile or two around your store location. By engaging devices based on location, you’re able to drive immediate sales action.
  • Field marketing teams. Brand ambassadors will interact with people on the street level or at events. They’ll share your story firsthand, distribute coupons and swag, or sample products a shopper could buy in-store.

With an integrated campaign like this, reporting can include verified walk-ins. We will measure which devices were served a mobile display ad while they were near the OOH message and then later entered your store. Attributing direct foot traffic back to your ad campaign proves out ROI. Grocery retailers depend on advertising that converts. With verified walk-in data, we can measure each campaign’s success.

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The most effective OOH campaigns are long-term but with evolving creative. For example, you can promote a grand opening then shift to featuring your weekly specials or bonus buys.

Jewel Osco, for example, has used OOH for a variety of messages.

They’ve promoted new stores.

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They’ve reminded Chicagoans of their rich history and longevity in the community with mobile billboards and field marketing.

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sampling bikes
sampling activation
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They’ve announced sweepstakes and winners.

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And they’ve even featured their employees.

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When the messages across the multiple media formats are unified, your brand will grow stronger within the local market. Even on a nationwide scale, speaking to the community through OOH is important. OOH is in-your-face media that is not invasive. It can’t be skipped or blocked like other media channels, but most people actually like OOH. It integrates well with other media channels to really boost your bottom line.

And what retailer can argue about that?!

The proximity factor is key, and OOH can drive action among those who live and work closest to your store locations without wasteful impressions.

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Download Infographic | Download Industry One-Sheet


Out-of-home media penetrates your local audience in close proximity to your grocery locations and supermarkets. For grocery retailers, it’s an effective addition to any media plan. To request your customized proposal, please get in touch.