stand up to cancer mobile billboard creative

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) stood up to cancer this fall with a combination mobile billboard and field marketing campaign. We activated in multiple cities, including: Boston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. Promoting their Nicorette and NicoDerm products, the campaign drove consumers to nearby CVS locations, where the nicotine replacement therapies could be purchased. CVS no longer carries cigarettes, so it’s the perfect pharmacy to support this type of product and campaign. The strategic routing kept the mobile billboard and street team within close proximity to the CVS locations in each market to not only raise awareness but encourage immediate sales action.

The positive messaging of the campaign was to ‘quit for a cause.’ Stand Up to Cancer is a non-profit whose mission is to unite the cancer community to accelerate the delivery of new therapies and save lives now. GSK joined the movement to help smokers quit – striving for less smoking-related cancers.

The shocking statistic that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime is quite alarming. That gave our street team even more drive to make this out-of-home advertising campaign a success!

Each day during the campaign, the four-person street team was able to effectively distribute 1,000 pamphlets and 1,000 branded bracelets. With the combined impressions of the mobile billboards and brand ambassadors in several markets, this campaign surely inspired a few people to quit for a cause.

The street team brought high-energy into market, directly engaging and interacting with consumers.

out-of-home advertising street team
out-of-home advertising street team
brand ambassadors engaging consumers
brand ambassador interacting with consumer
street team with mobile billboard
street team engaging consumers
brand ambassadors with flyers
street team with fireman

Some consumer quotes from the field included:

“I don’t know if you can give me a bunch of handouts, but I’d love to have a pile for all the smokers in my family that need to quit!”

“Thank you for the information. I need to quit and wish I had never started. Maybe this will be the final straw that gets it done.”

“I’m a cancer survivor. What your team is doing is amazing and will make an impact. Thank you, GSK!”

“I’m giving this to my brother. He keeps trying to quit and needs all the support he can get!”

In the heart of Manhattan, we drove the GSK message on our box truck, an out-of-home advertising vehicle that features three sides and can go into NYC without the need of permits.

out-of-home advertising truck
out-of-home advertising vehicle
out-of-home advertising in Manhattan

In all other markets, we complemented the out-of-home advertising street team with our mobile billboards. They are larger than life and move exactly where an advertiser needs to go!

mobile billboard
mobile billboard with street team
out-of-home advertising
out-of-home advertising near CVS

We strategically stayed within a close radius of CVS locations, helping to drive immediate sales activations.

CVS Pharmacy out-of-home advertising
mobile billboard large
mobile billboard in a city
out-of-home advertising success
out-of-home advertising for GSK

We put GSK’s larger-than-life creative directly in front of their target audience: smokers!

mobile billboard targets smokers
mobile billboard out-of-home advertising
out-of-home advertising at event
mobile billboard advertising
out-of-home advertising mobile billboard
street team at CVS

Our street team even visited GSK’s point of sale display inside CVS.

brand ambassador for GSK
mobile billboard and brand ambassadors
mobile billboard

Don’t take our word that this combination of nontraditional out-of-home media works. A representative from CVS wrote in a recent email: “Our best sales and share week for CVS was the week of the mobile billboards, which is great news! I have to believe it had impact!”

Please note: We are not affiliated with Stand Up to Cancer, but we were humbled to be part of this awareness-raising campaign for one of its proud partners, GSK. This campaign was in partnership with Golin, GSK’s integrated agency. It was a pleasure to drive this important message across multiple markets. We will do the same for you.