health and wellness coverage

Avocado toast. Kale smoothies. Goat yoga. More and more consumers are leaning into healthy lifestyles, and brands want to reflect that marketplace. Let’s face it, it’s trending and the health and wellness industry is still on the upswing.

The health club market has grown every year since 2008. Specialty food sales are at an all-time high. And the health and wellness industry is worth $4.2 trillion.

The wellness mindset has become a holistic lifestyle choice. It’s not just about getting in that 30 minutes of cardio anymore. There’s clean eating, tech-tracked fitness activities, work/life balance, supplements, skincare and even wellness tourism.

For advertisers, this cohort of health and wellness enthusiasts isn’t just reserved for health, beauty and fitness brands. Brands across all categories are finding ways to connect and engage with this audience segment. For examples, Land Rover, Lululemon and Nature Valley all lean toward this audience. Cannabis, hemp and CBD brands are also promoting themselves to this niche which may be contributing to their rapid growth.

Through relevant messaging and contextual placements, your brand can achieve the health and wellness coverage or exposure you desire.

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Maximize your reach among the health and wellness segment. OOH media offers many benefits and can take your message directly to this audience in the real world. Think about a campaign that provides coverage at:

  • Marathons, triathlons and other competitive fitness events
  • Running and cycling events
  • Community walks
  • Health expos
  • Wellness fairs
  • Fitness centers, gyms or health studios
  • Health foods and natural foods stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Vitamin or supplement stores
  • Athletic equipment and footwear retailers
  • Health-focused cafes or restaurants
  • Parks, trails or nature centers
  • Ski resorts

In addition to OOH media placements to raise awareness with relevant messaging, an integrated campaign can include field marketing teams and mobile display advertising.

Using guerrilla marketing tactics near the same points of interest, brand ambassadors can directly interact with your key audience. They distribute health or fitness-related swag, as well as coupons or other marketing collateral. They can encourage interaction with an augmented reality or virtual reality experience, or increase your app downloads. While a mobile billboard may lift awareness, the field marketing efforts can trigger immediate sales action.

In addition, geofencing this events and locations is a nice location-based marketing play and allows you to serve ads to users’ mobile devices. If you want a national reach of this niche audience, you can specifically target this health and wellness segment. To go a step further, we can maximize the placements across relevant heath, fitness and wellness publishers or contextually place your ad next to healthy content. This will drive that affiliation with your brand even further. Retargeting this demo will boost message frequency and continue to influence a purchase.

To plan your local, regional or national health and wellness coverage media plan, give us a call.