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Even global marketing officers must think about the audiences in singular markets. Hyper-local targeting strategies achieve various goals across a global brand’s marketing plan. In-market advertising is a great way to personify your brand at a micro-level and can make consumers feel more acknowledged.

We all want to feel special, like we matter. And brands who can connect and engage with us uniquely will capture our attention…and our hearts.

One great advantage is the ability to craft the creative and message in a way that is directed to a specific audience. The same overarching brand message can activate in multiple markets simultaneously. Yet, it can be personalized to speak to consumers in each one. For example, the National Park Service wanted to ask people across the U.S. to ‘find their park.’ The message stayed the same, but the creative changed to feature the closet national park. Likewise, when targeting Hispanic communities throughout LA, they used both English and Spanish languages to better connect with their target audience.

According to an Experian Hispanic consumer report, 52% of Spanish-dominant Hispanics and 29% English-dominant Hispanics agree that when a company advertises in Spanish, they feel that the brand respects their heritage and appreciates their business. It’s a good guess that we all take greater notice when a brand reaches us on our level, using language most familiar to us.

Parque - LA mobile billboard

Speaking the consumer’s language – literally and figuratively – helps a brand connect to its audience and drives more loyalty. Having the right way of building brand awareness can really drive home the idea of your business to your consumers and potential customers. Companies similar to Design Brand Print may be able to help you achieve this – see how at https://www.designbrandprint.com/products/commercial-graphics/vehicles-wrap.

Keep reading to learn how a hyper-local advertising strategy can achieve your global objectives.

Grand openings

Ulta Grand Opening Marketing

When a chain restaurant or retailer is opening a new location, local advertising helps ensure the opening is a success. Using a PR and marketing company such as NGP Integrated Marketing Communications could help with getting their brand name out there, but mobile billboards paired with field marketing teams can circulate within a tight radius of the new location’s address. This location specific advertising strategy can drive foot traffic and excite the market in ways other media cannot.

Plus, there’s no struggle to find available inventory in your preferred location. Mobile media moves to exactly where you need it to go. It travels along a strategic route that considers geography, demography and the audience’s points of interest.

Corner Bakery Cafe, Under Armour and Walmart have all used our driving forces to launch new stores at a local level.

“Pure, genuine word of mouth marketing is taking place in Oklahoma City!” exclaimed Linda Kennedy, the franchise marketing manager of Corner Bakery Cafe during a grand opening event. “I have no doubt that together they have seeded relationships within the Quail Springs community that will be remembered and strengthened for years to come.”

Everyday promotions

Everyday promotions - Scotts

Is there a BOGO you’re offering? Or are you trying to move out old inventory? Pushing an LTO menu item? Whatever your promotion is today, communicate that within your top local markets. When you use non-traditional out-of-home media, there’s no minimum flights. Media can be in multiple markets at once. And this media is easier to buy on a quick turn than most others.

“We offer some of the most flexible buys in the industry,” says Julie Fontanella, our vice president of sales. “It really does make sense for a company to identify their key markets and dominate on a micro-geographic scale.”

Product launches

Mobile billboard for new product

What’s a better way to feature your new product or service than on a larger-than-life, eye-level, rolling mobile billboard? One that can take your new product and create want and envy among the exact audience your product was designed for? Add in digital engagement via Pay Click Management to reinforce your message, and you’ve got a winning product launch campaign.

It’s really that simple.

Trade shows and events

Trade show advertising

Exhibiting? Or, just want to grab attention of a specific audience who is attending an event? Deploying guerrilla marketing tactics around the event makes a lot of sense, right? Intercepting folks as they come and go with human-to-human engagement will ensure your brand really stands out to attendees. Create a memorable experience, while driving folks to convert (visit a booth, download content, make a purchase).

Brand awareness

brand awareness advertising

New brand trying to boost your awareness level? Mature branding trying to remind and re-engage? Either way, outdoor advertising has always been a reliable way to boost your brand power. Everyone has to start somewhere, but whether you decide to take your time to find out more information from Super Cheap Signs or speak to people who have managed to get their businesses up and running, this can make all the difference when it comes to brand awareness and hopefully the overall success of your business.

The simplicity in the creative is perfect for generating or re-generating brand love.

Global brand awareness starts with one. One person. One market. One message. And it grows from there.

What marketing objectives can we help you with? Say hello, and one of our strategic account executives will be in touch!