We have the resources, and we want to help.

As the largest national mobile billboard and field marketing company, do it outdoors media has a ton of great resources at our disposal, which is why we have shifted attention toward COVID-19 support and the special services we can offer to help during this trying time.

These services include:

Mobile Hand-Washing Activations

mobile hand-washing stations
Deploy these stations at select locations with a PSA shown on the sides of the mobile bilboards.

Because essential businesses remain open for the public on an as-needed basis, washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water remains a key preventative measure in keeping yourself and those around you safe and healthy. Sure, you can use hand sanitizer and wear gloves; however, shortages of these items in parts of the country have left many people without production when they need to go out to purchase food or medication.

do it outdoors has taken notice and is now offering pop-up mobile hand-washing stations to deploy outside of essential business locations so people have the opportunity to clean their hands before and after entering buildings.

The mobile billboard helps draw attention to the hand-washing stations present on site so consumers can feel just a little bit safer upon entering and exiting these types of locations. We can also pair with geo-targeted digital advertising to further spread messaging, build relationships to consumers and raise awareness that these pop-ups are at locations near them.

Contact us to learn more.

Supplementing grocery delivery fleets

In a matter of weeks, grocery delivery has shifted from commodity to necessity, and unprecedented demand for these deliveries has left many grocery store brands struggling to keep up. do it outdoors media would like to help these brands by offering groups of 5, 10 and 20 mobile billboard units to supplement delivery truck fleets.

mobile billboard delivery trucks
In addition to the 440 square ft. of advertising space, these vehicles offer approx. 550 square ft. of easily-accessible storage space.

We own and operate the largest fleet of GPS-tracked mobile billboards in the nation, along with a staff of professionally-trained drivers who have all been verified with appropriate background checks and receive ongoing monthly training.

“We have the largest fleet of mobile billboards in the US, and we feel as though they can be put to great use for COVID-19 support during this unprecedented time,” says Regis Maher, President of do it outdoors.

Pro Bono Mobile Billboards for Restaurant Brands

For existing or past restaurant and QSR clients in select US markets, we will be offering pro bono mobile billboard units. For these campaigns, brands will only be responsible for the cost associated with vinyl production, and do it outdoors’ drivers will transport a mobile billboard unit and park it at a restaurant location.

Hours of operation and service for restaurants tend to vary from market to market, so our hope is that this free advertising space can be used to spread awareness in the community that that specific location is open for pick-up and/or delivery.

For additional information, or to find out if your brand and target market qualifies for a pro bono mobile billboard, contact us!

Custom Face & Eye Protection

custom face protection

For a limited time, do it outdoors is offering customized mask and eyewear production as an add-on with the intent that brands will provide them to people visiting grocery stores, pharmacies or any enclosed, indoor location.

This fabric facemask serves as a barrier, and the innovative no-sew design means this mask is produced with zero human touch. Ultra-soft jersey fabric makes this one-piece facemask comfortable and breathable. A one-size-fits-all design with two ear holes. Contoured shape makes the mask versatile for many different face sizes and shapes.

With space on the front of the masks to imprint popular COVID-19 support awareness hashtags, e.g., #StayHome, #FlattenTheCurve, #TogetherAtHome, #SafeHands or #AmericaWorksTogether, as well as a smaller area for a brand’s logo (of desired).

Social Distancing / Directional Floor Signage

We’ve seen them pop up in grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential businesses that have remained open, but what about all other businesses that will soon open their doors? To protect their customers, employees and also themselves, brands will more than likely need to implement directional signage to indicate patterns for consumers to safely travel throughout stores, as well as help show as safe distances.

What about right outside the retail space as consumers enter and exit the location? When many businesses first open, there will be a cap on the amount of people allowed inside at a time. Durable ground signage can help consumers know where to form lines and how far to stand apart for their safety, all while raising brand awareness.

It’s not a question of if non-essential business locations will open their doors to customers, it’s a question of when. Make sure your brand is prepared.

Introducing Experiential Mobile Showroom Tours

mobile showroom experiential tour
mobile showroom experiential tour

With tradeshows and conferences unlikely to make a comeback this year, we have had discussions with many brands about what they can do to re-engineer what they’re doing so they can get in front of their key accounts and prospects. Our solution? As a result of these discussions, we have collaborated with. A mobile showroom experience powered by the experiential marketing experts at dio.

When stay-at-home orders end, deploy a custom mobile showroom experiential tour to take the power of a tradeshow booth right to your customers’ doorsteps. This experiential marketing approach creates a more intimate setting for your consumers and allows for more meaningful 1-on-1 interactions.

Research show that 87% of consumers change their perception of a brand after participating in an experiential activation, and 93% of consumers feel more connected to a brand.

With resources and staff readily available to assist in any US market, we want to offer COVID-19 support to brands and the people they serve in any way we can!

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