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Out-of-home creative is often visual storytelling. Messages are short and focused on one key concept. Designs promote clarity and boldness. Great out-of-home (OOH) ads stimulate imaginations and intrigue…and influence action.

In a 2017 Nielsen OOH Online Activation Study, data shows that OOH media can trigger online engagement by consumers. The results show:

  • 46% of US residents A18+ have used a search engine to look up information after seeing an OOH ad
  • 38% have visited a Facebook page or posted a message on Facebook
  • 23% have posted a message on Twitter
  • 25% have posted something to Instagram

This signifies to me that OOH creative doesn’t have to rely on imagery alone. While OOH campaigns are often used as ‘reminder’ ads for large brands, OOH can also test success of direct calls-to-action (CTA) for a variety of types and sizes of brands.

Depending on the market and locations the mobile billboard is targeting, and how the OOH viewers will engage with its placement, a CTA can be very effective. Especially with our true proximity targeting and ability to aim the CTA to your exact audience, a mobile billboard offers a way to grab attention – and elicit action.

We all take our phones everywhere we go these days. When we walk around the city, attend events, head to the mall, jump in a cab or take the train, we have our own devices with us. This means that as people are near the point of purchase, in commute, out and about, they’re able to quickly and more easily than ever before use their phone to interact with brands they see in outdoor ads.

Why not give it a shot?

8 CTAs to generate immediate digital engagement during your next mobile billboard campaign

Here are a few examples of how you can use this larger-than-life media format to generate consumer action:

      1. Include a campaign hashtag for social media sharing
      2. Offer an exclusive “mention this ad” special offer to drive in-store traffic
      3. Put your Snapcode on the creative
      4. Partner with Shazam to deliver Shazamable content, e.g., “Shazam now for summer’s best deals”
      5. Invite tech-savvy audiences to discover content via The Physical Web
      6. Place a QR code on the creative to deliver digital content
      7. Display a promo code that can be used and tracked for online purchases
      8. Promote an SMS shortcode and a text-to-get offer

Outdoor advertising generates traffic and sales activity

But of course digital engagement isn’t the only goal you have. OOH can be effective in driving other actions, as well. In the 2016 edition of the Nielsen Out-of-Home Study, they found that of OOH viewers A16+:

  • 21% visited the restaurant advertised
  • 20% watched a movie in the theater
  • 19% attended a sporting event, festival, concert or other event
  • 19% watched a TV program
  • 26% talked about the ad or product with others
  • 39% have noticed directional ads
  • 16% immediately visited the business advertised

Outdoor advertising can’t be ignored, skipped, blocked or zapped. So make it memorable and engaging.

We recommend finding the one CTA that will drive your most desired results – and measure its success. Let’s see how driving a mobile billboard with that CTA can optimize your conversions.

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