Popeyes, the chain best known for its fried chicken, is opening a real drive-thru where people can order a meal in Fort Stockton, Texas, and pick it up at the brand’s flagship location in New Orleans. The drive-thru, which officially opens November 9, is a 12-hour drive from the pick-up location. This stunt ties closely to the messaging that Popeyes marinates its chicken for 12 hours before it’s served.

In preparation of the 12 hour drive-thru opening, Popeyes is running a contest to grant 12 lucky people an early opportunity to order-drive-win. For those not willing to make the 12-hour drive, there’s also a chance to win 12 months of free Popeyes through a Twitter promotion.

The video above documents the journey of a few early drive-thru customers. Popeyes added motivational messages – through the use of out-of-home media – along the way. For example, at the three-hour mark, there’s a sign that reads, ‘Only 9 more to go.’

As you’ll see at the :41 spot in the video, one of our mobile billboards was also featured during this campaign. It was exciting to be near the beginning of the trek as these anxious customers started their 12-hour drive.

The campaign, itself, required us to drive up and down a stretch of I-10 while waiting to be seen by the stunt’s participants. Our mission was to be included in this video. Popeyes integrated content, experiential marketing and out-of-home beautifully into this one campaign. The campaign was created in part by GSD&M, with Horizon Media partnering with us for the mobile billboard portion.

The Popeyes video shows the drive-thru customers being greeted with razzle-dazzle once they arrive in New Orleans. They drove for 12 hours for yummy chicken, but as Popeyes points out – you don’t have to. Head to the nearest location for your 12-hour marinated chicken, served fast!

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