mobile tags

Exciting news! The world is now phygital – blending physical media with digital conversions. We are seeing more and more interest in placing mobile tags and other calls to action on mobile billboard creative.

Mobile tags are an interactive way to integrate your digital marketing efforts with your out-of-home campaign. The bold physical presence of an outdoor ad can encourage a user to take action on their mobile device. In this way, an advertiser can deliver a quick path to conversion. Digital content can be in the form of a special offer, video, contest entry or augmented reality experience.

When working with mobile billboard – and other out-of-home media formats – you must consider the large real estate. An advertiser has a big canvas to use to express the creative messaging.

For mobile billboards, our recommendation is that the mobile tag or code be no wider than five feet. This allows a user to fit the tag or code into their phone’s camera screen while staying a safe distance from the mobile billboard. If you use too much space, the user might not be able to fit the image on their screen. If you make it too small, the user might either miss the mobile tag altogether or need to get too close to the mobile billboard to be able to accurately scan it.

Types of mobile tags an advertiser can incorporate into the out-of-home creative include:

  • QR Code – QR codes are making a comeback! With iPhone camera apps now providing quick, easy QR code readers, they provide a convenient way for a smartphone user to connect to digital content.
  • Snapcode – Advertisers who use Snapchat as a social channel have their own Snapcode to direct users to their content. If growing their Snapchat following is a priority, advertisers may want to incorporate their Snapcode right into their out-of-home creative.
  • Instagram Nametag – Instagram recently rolled out their new Nametag feature. If a brand wants to show off their visual content, an Instagram user can connect to the brand’s profile with a quick scan of the Nametag.
  • Amazon SmileCode – Earth’s biggest online retailer is rolling out their own version of the QR Code. These barcodes feature their smile logo and work through the camera function of the Amazon app.
  • Augmented reality trigger graphic – By incorporating an AR Trigger Graphic on your creative, you are turning your out-of-home media format into a memorable experience. Using an app on their phones, consumers can augment their reality with your branded content.
  • Spotify Code – Spotify also gives advertisers a way to share music through their app’s camera feature. Scan a Spotify code to easily connect to a song, playlist, album or artist.

When you integrate a mobile tag into your creative, you engage your audience and also generate measurable results.

To learn how we can drive your mobile tag to your precise audience, give us a shout.