We’ve been demonstrating the value of mobile billboards for over 20 years. So imagine our delight when we learned that mobile billboards had earned a call-out in the Nielsen OOH Advertising Study, 2019 Edition. We weren’t surprised, not at all, at how well mobile billboards over-indexed in comparison to other out-of-home (OOH) media formats across multiple audience segments. But we are thankful to have research that backs up our story.

Here’s a chart using data extracted from the full study, as found on page 40.

Nielsen OOH Advertising Study


Sometimes OOH industry groups lump mobile billboards in with either roadside billboards or transit. But mobile billboards are different than any other OOH format. And according to the Nielsen OOH Advertising Study, mobile billboards over-index above almost every other OOH media format across almost every audience segment.

Mobile billboards performed exceptionally well among these audiences:

  • Black
  • Hispanic
  • Asian
  • A 16 – 24
  • A 18 – 34
  • A 18 – 49

Regardless of which audience you’re targeting, teens or seniors, sports fans or movie goers, fast food lovers or healthy dieters, a mobile billboard follows a prescribed route designed especially to reach that segment. We strategically plan the campaign route to intercept your precise audience based on affinity to relevant points of interest.

In addition to the custom routing, there’s more than meets the eye when you see a mobile billboard. Our units are fully equipped with state of the art framing systems and advanced telematics. A mobile billboard’s advertisement isn’t just hung on a structure and forgotten about for a month. There’s always someone checking the image is clear, monitoring the GPS location to ensure most effective placement and driving the ad based on key dayparting factors. They deliver a fully tailored ad campaign based on the specific campaign objectives and audience.

One of our out-of-home media specialists would like to bring you a copy of the Nielsen OOH Advertising Study, 2019 Edition, and to share with you the benefits of using OOH media in every marketing plan. Please get in touch.