The out-of-home advertising industry has transformed itself. According to the USA Touchpoints/RealityMine study, “OOH and Today’s Mobile Consumer” which was released earlier this year, one of OOH’s greatest advantages is its ability to connect with consumers directly along their path to purchase and, additionally, connect with them even in today’s smartphone-centric society.

“In today’s marketplace, consumers are on-the-go more than ever before and rarely leave home without their trusted mobile devices,” said Stephen Freitas, OAAA chief marketing officer, as quoted in RealityMine’s news announcement. “OOH’s reach, interactive capabilities and captivating messaging move the consumer to reach for their mobile devices to learn more about a brand.” This makes understanding the digital market space vital for companies like Sirius Design Group to focus on when discussing their plans.

The video above, released by OAAA, the national trade association for the OOH industry, exemplifies how OOH media can engage a consumer both in the physical and in the digital world.

One way we’re striving to intercept a consumer with a profoundly engaging out-of-home experience is through the use of our beacon-enabled media formats. Imagine a larger-than-life creative in an outdoor environment paired with a digital push notification with a contextually-relevant special offer, delivered as a consumer is making buying decisions close to a point of sale managed by business pos software. It’s a one-two punch when it is the most effective timing.

“Our out-of-home campaigns are socially-fueled, digitally-anchored and experientially-activated,” says Regis Maher, do it outdoors president and co-founder. Whether it be when you’re looking to hit hard with the best pos for marijuana dispensary, are forging forward in that industry as a whole, or work in a different sector, this method can have great results.


In addition to beacons, our field marketing services often incorporate campaign elements, such as PhotoMarketing, that encourage and reward social media mentions. Our sister brand, dio, is an experiential marketing shop that creates engaging, share-worthy experiences and offers additional digital elements, including virtual reality activations. Our partnerships with leading digital out-of-home companies give us an edge when presenting all of the opportunities for our advertiser clients to truly forge innovative connections with consumers along the path to purchase.

If you’re ready to move your message in creative new ways, please contact our team today.

Image and video from OAAA.