out-of-home and mobile integration

For the past few years, we’ve been championing the use of our media formats to drive online engagement.

No one leaves home without their phone these days, right? So out-of-home is a great place to connect with your audience…in two channels at once. An advertiser grabs attention in the physical world. Then, they send a personalized offer to someone’s own device. It’s a powerful one-two punch that drives results. We’re promoting out-of-home and mobile integration, because it’s an effective media plan, the kind of plan any marketing agency jacksonville fl worth their salt would jump at the chance of trying.

Don’t just take our word for it. These advertisers have reaped the rewards of an integrated campaign:

OOH + Mobile case study

Supercuts used a combination of mobile billboards, brand ambassadors and mobile display advertising during their Major League Baseball Opening Day campaign. Visiting 30 markets, they:

  • Turned countless heads with our larger-than-life outdoor media
  • Distributed 15,000 gift cards via our brand ambassadors
  • Earned a solid 0.34% CTR on their mobile impressions

mobile media

To promote a new store location, Sam’s Club also paired their out-of-home with mobile. We drove a mobile billboard throughout a 10-mile radius of the store’s address for 25 days and delivered a strategic mobile campaign. A pre-grand opening ad preceded a post-grand opening creative. The ads also varied the messages by segment: shopper members and business prospects. Changing the vinyl on the mobile billboard aligned with the pre- and post-grand opening messaging. Because of the continuity between both channels, the click-through-rate was an outstanding 1.07%.

mobile advertising, mobile billboard

Ulta Beauty also strategically used location and behavioral targeting to achieve a 0.84% click-through-rate on their mobile holiday offer. By serving digital ads to beauty enthusiasts within close proximity to an Ulta Beauty store, we performed well. Our mobile billboard also aimed its message to this same audience.

mobile marketing

Those results are not out of the norm for us to see:

  • PetSmart earned a 0.54% CTR during a short three-day campaign in Manhattan.
  • Comcast earned a 1.32% matching their ads to college students in Minneapolis.
  • GSK earned a 0.85% CTR across five markets during their Stand Up to Cancer campaign.
  • DB Schenker earned a 0.96% CTR on a recruitment ad to promote a local job fair.
  • The Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s CTR was 0.54% while promoting their new app to sports fans.
  • …just to list a few!

mobile advertising

Ocean & NeuroInsight found that 48% of us are more likely to click a digital ad after seeing the same out-of-home ad.

Aha, did the lightbulb just flicker?

Beacon retargeting serves ads to the out-of-home audience. This retargeting effort reminds them of your message with cross-channel frequency. It’s really quite brilliant.

We know he shops at sporting goods stores and attends sporting events. He sees the mobile billboard (and how could he miss it?) on his way to the gym. Then, he’s served a relevant ad on his phone the next time he’s checking the sports score. The ad reminds him to learn more, so he clicks.

According to Google Rich Media Gallery, the average mobile display click-through-rate is somewhere between 0.07 – 0.15%. Our clients’ integrated out-of-home with mobile campaigns have an average 0.74% CTR*.

We don’t just geofence our media format. We carve out strategic integrated campaigns that accurately matches your messaging to the precise audience you want to engage. And we do so in both the physical and digital worlds while considering proximity.

Location is the most important factor in message placement. If you can reach the right person when they’re directly along the path to purchase, you can motivate them to take the right action. It’s our understanding of place-based events that’s allowed us to drive successful campaigns for some of America’s best-loved brands.

The benefits of using a mobile billboard over a roadside poster are obvious: we go where your audience lives, works and plays. We still offer a wide reach, but we’re much more targeted to your specific audience. Just like we customize your mobile billboard route, we customize your mobile digital campaign.

It goes beyond geo-targeting. Sure, we can wrap a geofence around our mobile billboard route (and we will). But to drive greater performance, we get more sophisticated. We match your message to people based on what stores they visit or what events they attend, what airline they frequent and even what specific building they’re likely reporting to work every day. By leveraging an audience’s real-world location data, an advertiser can tailor messaging based on place cues. And of course, serve them all within proximity to the advertiser’s stores or key locations.

Looking at the Ulta Beauty case study above, we served ads to:

  • Existing segment of beauty enthusiasts
  • Look alike audience based on the demographical and behavioral profile of Ulta Beauty app users
  • People who had entered a competitor store recently
  • Those audiences when they were within close proximity to one of the Ulta Beauty stores

Your mobile digital portion can follow the exact route as our mobile billboard. Or it can be customized into several geofences and audience break-outs. We’re not afraid to do the extra legwork to make give your campaign stronger legs.

digital ad

Our mobile digital capabilities include, but aren’t limited to:

  • serving ads within a certain geofence(s)
  • geofarming to use past historical location
  • custom-built audiences
  • beacon retargeting to retarget the out-of-home viewer
  • attribution to measure foot traffic of those served an ad who enter a store or location

If you’re going to invest in digital and mobile media, shouldn’t those dollars work hard for you? Your investments in mobiles don’t have to stop with digital media, you may want to look into investing in 5G shares, and check out the 5G Aktien Empfehlung, to see what people say about it.

We recently gathered a group of the brightest out-of-home media, digital media and brand side marketing executives to a conversation about this very out-of-home and mobile integration. We discussed the importance of bringing everyone to the table at the strategy phase, and also of daily monitoring and optimization to ensure the investment is performing well.

While large digital buys at large digital agencies may take large budgets and set-it-and-forget-it, we don’t. We are fighting for the best results possible.

Clicks on digital ads aren’t the only online activation out-of-home drives. Out-of-home drives more social media activity and online searches than any other media channel. Many creative out-of-home campaigns generate additional earned media.

As out-of-home builds awareness and digital follows-through with a conversion, the combination covers both ends of the funnel. And as such, it makes sense to plan them cohesively together. We’re taking a one-to-many media and reinforcing the message with a one-to-one engagement.

That’s why we’re going phygital with our offerings. Our out-of-home media is literally driving clicks and conversions.

Together, out-of-home and digital are both stronger.

*Average percentage taken from 2017-18 display campaigns sold to date by do it outdoors media, across all verticals, markets and four standard ad sizes: 300×250, 320×480, 728×90 and 320×50.