driver safety

Safety is at the core of our business. When you own the largest national fleet of mobile billboards, safety cannot be taken lightly.

“Our drivers are the heart of our company,” says Clark LaGanke, our operations field and safety manager. “We have strict pre-screening hiring processes, ongoing training requirements and a formalized inspection schedule.”

We have invested in our team – and in our fleet – to put safety first. Our driver safety is key. We have added telematics and incorporated technologies to assist our safety efforts.

Our safe driving program includes monthly safety quizzes and recognizing drivers with monthly and annual safety awards.

“We have found that drivers are actually pretty competitive and many thrive when they’re getting praised,” explains LaGanke. “The awards are designed to celebrate our entire team of safe drivers while keeping safety top of mind at all times.”

Currently, there are five award categories every month ranging from overall safety, safety quiz results and driver performance.

“First, we look at their everyday task expectations. Did they follow DOT log book protocol and complete their vehicle safety inspections correctly?” further explains LaGanke. “We are also actively managing hard braking and speeding to improve daily safe driving habits. Additionally, we also manage Department of Transportation hours of service violations to ensure our drivers are always following DOT regulations. This will lead to our drivers receiving proper rest and staying fresh.”

Each month, several drivers are eligible for these awards and are placed into a pool. Winners are randomly selected from that safe driver pool and awarded additional per diem dollars.

Eligibility is based on the percent of occupancy (or percent of mobile billboard fleet running) and how many days the drivers worked during that month. The number of drivers working monthly is dependent on demand. In an average month, we have a pool of over 50 active drivers. From that pool, we are averaging 91% – 92% who are eligible for a safety award based on hours driven.

We have also initiated two additional safety award honors: a 12-month and an annual award.

To date, four drivers have earned the recognition of joining the “12 Month Safety Club.” To distinguish these top safety drivers, they receive a special Oxford-style shirt.

We will also be declaring a a “Safe Driver of the Year.” This award will be presented to the most deserving driver after reviewing the previous year’s safety metrics of all active drivers. The driver performance review process is expected to be completed within Q1 of each following year.

“Our team is excited, because they can earn extra money for doing what they should be doing anyway,” says LaGanke. “The safety awards are another way we’re showing them that the company cares about their personal safety, too. We want to do what we can to help protect them.”

The drivers have a no-distraction policy and are also monitored closely to mitigate unsafe driving behaviors.

Human behavior can be a tricky thing. The safety awards help us to reinforce good driving behavior and foster safe habits among our experienced team.

“By promoting safety, we’re reducing fleet costs and increasing the life-cycle of our mobile billboards,” adds LaGanke. “This all means that we can continue to keep our advertiser brands safe – and offer campaigns at consistent rates.”

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