We’d like to introduce you to our modern sampling van! It’s part of our company owned and operated fleet of branded advertising vehicles. It’s perfect for food sampling – but can be decked out for many different types of outdoor media campaigns.

sampling van

We selected a chic, streamlined and efficient sampling van to enhance our fleet. This vehicle can be leveraged for any out-of-home media campaign and be customized to fit any campaign parameters. Food, swag, create-your-own t-shirt press, surveys, sign-ups or a unique brand experience – whatever your campaign requires, this vehicle can drive your campaign’s success!

Need refrigeration? Kitchen appliances? Storage area for swag? We equip the campaign vehicle with all necessary assets. By customizing it to each campaign, we grant maximum flexibility for any client.

What’s more, we handle the campaign management fully turnkey. We can produce the creative for the vehicle wrap, create a strategic route, obtain any necessary permits, recruit and train all campaign staff members, handle inventory warehousing and execute a well-planned schedule of event days. Plus, we’ll report back daily during the campaign on exactly what’s happening in the field.

This modern sampling van has a lower serving window than most food trucks, making it more accessible and easy-to-interact with consumers. Yet, the real estate is still great; it’s still eye-catching and offers a large brand opportunity.

Not to mention, we’re expert fleet managers. We have a team of professional, experienced drivers to keep your brand reputation safe. We deliver on quality production and offer amazing service. It’s in our nature to set high standards for every activation.

Our fleet of out-of-home media formats are designed to create efficiencies for you and allows us to deliver a fully turnkey solution for your campaigns.

Download Sampling Vehicle One-Sheet | Download Anatomy of a Sampling Vehicle

If you would like to test drive a sampling van activation on your next out-of-home advertising campaign, we can help.