“The surges in online engagement is proof that our media format is fundamental for any location-based digital campaign. It’s not just out-of-home. It’s not just mobile advertising. It’s a powerful integration that moves the needle for brands.”
// Regis Maher, president and co-founder, do it outdoors media


Earlier this year, we rolled out shadowfencing. This is a collaborative product development in partnership with Blue Bite, whose proprietary Blue Comet fuels the shadowfence. Shadowfencing is a dynamic geofence that shadows our mobile billboards wherever we drive and automatically changes the campaign’s targeting parameters to serve mobile display ads to devices closest to the out-of-home message. We then add a five-minute trail to continue serving mobile ads to the OOH audience for five minutes after the mobile billboard drives by.

After piloting shadowfencing across our initial campaigns, we’re delighted in the results its driving for our client advertisers. In every campaign to date, the shadowfenced audience is more likely to click than the geofenced audience. We already know that pairing out-of-home (OOH) with mobile achieves highly targeted results, greater than either channel alone. Shadowfencing strengthens that offer by serving the precise OOH audience display ads in real-time as a mobile billboard drives past. Early success shows that shadowfencing outperforms OOH + geofencing click-through-rates (CTR) by 35 – 40%.

This new offering also enables us to collect device IDs of an audience closest to the OOH media format and build a first-party audience. Retargeting this audience has also proven to be highly successful in driving the most clicks.

The initial results are hot, hot, hot:

  • Wireless Brand: Achieved 40% CTR increase from OOH + geofencing.
  • Beauty Retailer: Retargeting the device IDs collected via shadowfencing achieved an 83% CTR increase from OOH + geofencing.
  • Healthcare Provider: Achieved a 34% CTR increase from OOH + geofencing.
  • Local Bank: Achieved a 18% CTR increase from OOH + geofencing.

Shadowfencing is outperforming industry average mobile display CTRs by +396%.

One of the above campaigns followed a previous campaign we executed with the client, in which we applied geofencing to the mobile billboard route. That earlier campaign outperformed the brand’s benchmarks. Adding shadowfencing, though, only made the OOH + mobile combination more powerful. We are now able to hone in on the specific OOH audience and eliminate wasteful impressions. The results this time around were much greater.

“So far, shadowfencing has consistently shown higher performance when stacked with traditional geofencing, strengthening our hypothesis when first developing this concept!” says Alex Kim, Chief Partnerships Officer at Blue Bite. “We were hoping to see numbers that reflect higher performance, meaning stronger recency-effect and indicating higher recall. We are seeing those results.”

The success is newsworthy, and we’re excited that shadowfencing has been featured in:

….and The Location-Based Marketing Association shared details about our latest innovation during their weekly podcast.

Because our OOH media formats move, we can take the message directly to the precise target audience in both digital and physical channels.

For OOH planning and buying, view and download our helpful shadowfencing resources:

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