Pokemon Go: How to create fun, relevant out-of-home advertising

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Pokemon Go
You’ve gotta catch ’em all BY BRYCE STARNER In the past few weeks since the inception of the Pokemon Go app, our world has transformed into a mythical land that’s teeming with augmented reality creatures. Whether you’re using the bathroom, casually strolling through the park with [...]

Micro-Moments: The new way to reach consumers

BY REBECCA DELLINGER It’s no secret people are interacting with their smartphones more and more every day. That’s great for advertisers, right? More phone time means more time to get impressions, doesn’t it? Not necessarily! Sometimes, a user’s phone interactions are very personal, such as [...]

Digital OOH goes beyond LCD screens; for us, it’s about integration

Digital Engagement
Over the last few years, we’ve been experiencing an evolution of the out-of-home advertising industry. The intersection between digital and OOH soon became known as Digital OOH, or DOOH. While everyone else in the industry was putting programmable LCD screens on their media, we took a [...]

Out-of-home advertising amplifies reach, engages consumers

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The out-of-home advertising industry has transformed itself. According to the USA Touchpoints/RealityMine study, “OOH and Today’s Mobile Consumer” which was released earlier this year, one of OOH’s greatest advantages is its ability to connect with consumers directly [...]

We’re launching the first beacon-enabled mobile out-of-home advertising solution

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Leveraging Blue Bite and Gimbal Beacon Technology in Our Mobile Billboard Units Nationwide, We Now Offer Proximity-Based Digital Out-of-Home Media Gimbal, Inc., the leader in location and proximity-based mobile engagement today announced a partnership with our team – do it outdoors media, [...]


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