value of mobile billboards

During our company meetings, we often discuss the value of mobile billboards. As the largest national mobile billboard provider in America, we’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting and promoting our leading out-of-home media format. Yes, the mobile billboard. To us, mobile billboards are more than a paycheck or the way we provide for our families.

We’re passionate about the way mobile billboards dominate a market and drive a brand’s message.

“When we started do it outdoors, our vision was to launch campaigns nationally with a consistent medium in a scalable solution,” CEO David Pridgen recently told our team of employees. “The simple fact is that a mobile billboard can offer market coverage unlike any other out-of-home.”

And that’s why Pridgen and partner Regis Maher grew their fleet of mobile billboards from a few to over a hundred. They continually invest in that fleet, such as improving the vinyl framing system and adding in-cab technologies. Mobile billboards, driven by well-trained, experienced and professional drivers, are available across the country.

Our clients often appreciate our scalability. From one market to many, from four weeks to four months. Buying a mobile billboard is one of the most flexible buys in out-of-home advertising.

“Great out-of-home advertising isn’t just viewable; it’s visible,” added Maher. “Other media formats may be able to reach an audience, but we reach the right audience…and we connect with them!”

For example, during New York Fashion Week, beauty brand Celine used six mobile billboards in New York City to attract fashionistas. We did this by driving near Fashion Week events and in fashion shopping districts. The mobile billboards turned heads and generated social media buzz. Six bulletins in New York likely wouldn’t have gotten that type of cross-channel attention.

Announcing a Major League Baseball sponsorship, Supercuts used mobile billboards to dominate games. From Opening Day in 30 markets to the championship series, mobile billboards drove the sponsor’s brand to baseball fans. What other media format could surround and drown each stadium with this much visibility, using just one media partner – nationwide?

ESL Gaming grew event attendance, in which 22% of attendees surveyed saw the mobile billboard promoting a Pro League gaming event. Do you think any other singular out-of-home media format in a market would engage 22% of a gamer event’s attendance prior to the tournament?

Mobile billboards are great at raising awareness and for driving sales action. Their move-ability allows the advertiser to be in the exact right location at the exact right time.

We aim a brand’s message directly to the precise audience based on location. For that reason, we hear a lot of positive feedback from clients who also believe in the value of mobile billboards.

“This continues to be a unique way to reach our local audiences for each of our new store openings,” said Casey Foxen, integrated marketing manager for Ulta Beauty.

Under Armour surpassed their daily plan by 500% during a grand opening campaign.

And our partner handling the GSK / CVS campaign reported, “Our best sales and share week for CVS was the week of the mobile billboards. I have to believe it had impact!”

Yet, mobile billboards don’t seem to get the fame and glory from the wider out-of-home industry. We might be few, but we are mighty.

Compared to roadside billboards and transit, mobile billboards are just a smarter choice.

Benefits of mobile billboards include:

  • Highly targeted, strategic routing based on real marketing objectives and specific audiences
  • Large eye-level visibility that gets noticed and recalled
  • Nationwide inventory, customized locations
  • Fully dedicated, double-sided creative spotlights only one brand (no media space sharing)
  • Flexible flight lengths for short- or long-term campaigns
  • Drive location-based messaging both physically and digitally

Advertisers focused on only-digital are missing the point. Don’t sacrifice the benefits of a media format for sheer convenience of submitting an art file.

Instead, think about digital in a different sense. The combination of out-of-home with mobile advertising offers a much more valuable media play.

Mobile billboards increase click-through-rates and online engagement. The large, physical presence of the out-of-home formats raise awareness and add credibility in the real-world. Mobile ads offer a point of online conversion. A digital plan isn’t complete without the bold visibility of out-of-home. Together, the results are greater than the sum.

Recently, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America executed a wildly ingenious #GetOutOfHome campaign. The OAAA wanted to remind advertising professionals that some ideas are too big to be trapped online. Out-of-home offers a big, creative opportunity for brands to extend their presence.

A mobile billboard that can go anywhere is a real solution for location-based messaging. Plus, it has the ability to offer coverage in any size market, around any key points of interest and with as much domination as needed. Mobile billboards can enter a market with scale. A few mobile billboards may be able to cover the same areas and deliver the same impressions as dozens of posters in the same market.

Our opinion, it should be considered a critical part to any media plan.

“Our operational promise is to engage audiences contextually by delivering a campaign with the highest of standards,” Maher added. “Our mobile billboards with mobile advertising offer a fantastically targetable answer for brands.”

We’re passionate about our media formats. We’re proud of the real value of mobile billboards and of what we can offer to America’s brands, big or small.

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