Our Cosmopolitan Units are part of our ever-growing fleet of national mobile billboards. For advertisers looking for a three-sided mobile billboard, the Cosmopolitan is a great option. Your creative message can wrap around the unit for maximum creative real estate. While a smidgen smaller than our standard mobile billboards, the Cosmo’s design provides versatility in any market.

cosmopolitan unit

The Cosmo drives your message with your style! Why the name Cosmopolitan? This word means: universal. Our Cosmo offers loads of functionality for a variety of campaigns. It refers to something that travels and feels at home in any market, while embracing different cultures and audiences. Our Cosmo goes anywhere in the continental U.S. The word also means exciting and glamorous, and well, this advertising vehicle is pretty stunning for an ad on wheels, don’t ya think? More so, our campaigns always create excitement for our advertising brands. That’s why we’ve renamed our Manhattan Unit to the Cosmopolitan Unit.

This three-sided mobile billboard can easily convert into 360-degrees of creative promotion when you choose to wrap the front of the unit, as well. It’s smaller size allows for easy urban maneuvering – downtown, uptown or in any town in the U.S. The Cosmo also ventures into more remote areas where this style of advertising vehicle is very effective.

The Cosmo doubles as a branded utility vehicle for our field marketing teams. There is ample space to transport, haul and store campaign assets. Our Segways, JetPacks, sampling bikes and ad balloons fit nicely in the back, plus we have room for advertiser samples and swag.

Yup, versatile is a great description for this three-sided mobile billboard!

Your Cosmo will follow a strategic, customized route and adhere to the same high standards as all of our mobile billboard campaigns. Our team of professional, experienced drivers are trained to keep your brand reputation safe. We deliver on quality production and strive for nothing shy of amazing service. In other words, your Cosmo campaign will have pretty high standards set for its success.

Ready to put this three-sided mobile billboard to the test for your ad campaigns?

Download Cosmopolitan Unit One-Sheet | Download Anatomy of a Cosmopolitan Unit

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