trade show traffic drivers

This year alone, we’ve helped brands such as Dentsply, Cohesity and Hitachi drive traffic to their trade show exhibit booths using our out-of-home media formats. Why? Because our mobile billboards, field marketing teams and mobile display advertising are location-based solutions that reach attendees in close proximity to the trade show venue.

Here are some trade show traffic drivers that will boost attendance at your trade show booth:

mobile billboard

Mobile Billboards – With its ability to circle the venue as people flock to the trade show convention center, a mobile billboard is a great reminder to stop by your booth. Be sure to include event-specific creative and of course your booth number! In the above photo, Doosan used a series of humorous, yet simple, calls-to-action around their booth number, G-260.

mobile billboard domination

Mobile Billboard Domination – What’s better than one or two mobile billboards circling the convention center? How about a domination of mobile billboards?! Whether they run in head-turning tandem with each other or are separated to ensure coverage at each entryway, multiple mobile billboard units add impact to your trade show package. Brands like Yanmar, American Airlines and Sony have all used this domination tactic at various events.

brand ambassadors

Brand Ambassador Teams – Cohesity, for example, used brand ambassadors fashioned with JetPacks to treat Cisco Live! attendees with free coffee outside the venue. This human-to-human engagement gave the team a chance to offer a few quick talking points about the brand and encourage visits to the booth. Brand ambassadors can also distribute traffic-driving premiums, such as a scratch off card that can only be redeemed in-booth, to encourage more visits. Media formats, such as Segways, sampling bikes or giant ad balloons can also be used with any brand ambassador team. Brand ambassador teams can include four, forty or four hundred team members, based on the show size and campaign objectives.

mobile display ads

Mobile Display Advertising – Used effectively, mobile display ads can reach the right attendees before, during and after the trade show. With historical location data and audience segmentation, serve mobile display ads to people who attended last year’s event or who are most likely to attend the event. During the event, geofence the venue to serve ads to attendees while they’re on-site. After seeing the out-of-home formats, these ads will earn higher clicks and better performance. Plus, you’re reaching them closest to your exhibitor booth. Following the event, retarget attendees by serving ads to devices who entered the venue during the event’s time frame.

Our typical trade show packages are five or more days in length and combine a variety of the above media tactics. We will customize a route to reach attendees as they are arriving into market and when they’re attending the show. Brand ambassadors are always well-trained and armed with your brand’s key messages. Working together, these trade show traffic drivers can increase engagements at your exhibitor booth.

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