Travel brands, such as airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts, convention and visitors bureaus, destinations, tourism and luggage brands, can benefit from out-of-home media plans. Travel brands and out-of-home media make great sense. The big, bold creative opportunity of out-of-home provides real estate for the vast imagery of the travel industry.

We recommend travel brands:

  • Localize their travel messages to key markets using large out-of-home media formats
  • Encourage sign-ups or data collection via field marketing efforts
  • Hone in on the right travel audience with an integrated mobile call-to-action through both geofencing and audience targeting
  • Launch unique, creative campaigns that will draw Instagram users to the ad, itself, as well as the destination

There are a plethora of vacation and experience options available. Media messages are vast and ad blockers plenty. Breaking through for attention of your travel brand demands a multi-channel approach. Out-of-home provides a physical, can’t-miss presence, while field marketing and digital follow-through for sales activation.

American vacation usage is at its highest in seven years. As the travel industry continues to grow, out-of-home media is a solution to capture more market share for each travel brand.

travel brands and out-of-home media


Out-of-home media allows travel brands to stand out, become locally relevant to key audiences and provides moments for consumers to take notice and connect. If you’re interested in how travel brands and out-of-home media go together, please say hello.

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