TV Land OOH + Mobile Advertising Campaign

As the largest national mobile billboard company, we’re always innovating to deliver the best results for our advertisers. That’s why we champion the integration of mobile advertising with out-of-home (OOH) media plans. Not only do our mobile billboards target exact audiences in the physical world, you can also reach those audiences with targeted mobile ads on their smartphones.

When TV Land wanted to promote the premiere of its new show Nobodies, it paired mobile billboards with geofencing. Using mobile billboard domination, three mobile billboards targeted key entertainment agencies in the Los Angeles market. In addition, the mobile billboards drove through high-traffic areas to boost the campaign’s reach. With three mobile billboards driving by, pedestrians couldn’t miss TV Land’s larger-than-life message.

We also geofenced those same locations and agencies by creating a virtual boundary around those points of interest. We served mobile banner ads to smartphones and tablets within those areas. In this way, TV Land was able to target the same audience with both physical and digital media. Over the course of 12 campaign days, we served 1.8+ million impressions. Through our optimization of the campaign each day, we were able to achieve a click-through rate with a 293% greater performance than industry benchmarks. A strategy such as this can really pull in a television audience and promote it as time goes on, in fact, there are other ways that this can be supported by using beneficial target data which businesses can learn more about by going onto for better clarification.

Pairing mobile ad geofencing with an out-of-home campaign focuses on specific audience targeting. The local audience would see the OOH ad, as well as an ad on their favorite mobile site or app within the same time period leading up to the show’s premiere date. This increases the message’s relevance and adds message frequency to the viewer. One of the many benefits of using mobile billboards is its ability to amplify a digital campaign’s reach. By planning both of the media forms together, TV Land delivered continuity between both channels’ messaging to the exact LA audience they wanted to reach.

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