Denver-based Visible offers $40/month phone service with simplified plans (and no stores, lines or sales people). They also leverage creative out-of-home (OOH) messaging with clever headlines that get attention. Of course we were excited to be part of the recent Visible OOH campaign that drew media attention from such publications as Marketing Dive and Media Post.

Visible OOH campaign

Visible cleverly deployed OOH ads that said “unlimited massages” instead of messages throughout the Denver market. Two mobile billboards were part of the mix.

A few well-grammared folks noticed the intentional misspelling. This sparked some social media activity, where the brand was caught using similar rhetoric. Purposeful typos that brought out the brand’s personality and continued to grab attention and win over new fans for the brand.

Visible OOH campaign
Screenshot from Twitter.

Well, massages is what they said, so that’s what they did!

Following the Visible OOH campaign that touted unlimited massages, Visible hosted an event to carry through on their promise. During the event held at Denver’s Union Station, Visible indeed offered unlimited massages to their attendees. Free massages were an appealing giveaway that drew people to the event while also generating social media buzz around the fun community event.

The creative campaign was masterminded by their agency Madwell with support from VM1 and the out-of-home (OOH) media being purchased by Apex Exchange. In addition to the user-generated content, Visible was also able to photograph the media formats and use for their own marketing purposes.

Visible’s OOH campaign increased awareness locally and nationally with additional media pick-ups. They reinforced their brand promise for transparency. And did so by aligning their positioning with their brand’s personality.

Once the unlimited massages event had occurred, there was a creative change to the mobile billboard artwork. They swapped one clever headline for another, highlighting the OOH media format carrying the message.

Visible OOH campaign



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