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Mobile billboards are more nontraditional than other out-of-home media formats. Perhaps that’s why we’re sometimes classified under a larger billboard category or listed with transit advertising. Other out-of-home media simply offer broad strokes in a market. Comparing us to them doesn’t do our media format justice.

So we’ve decided to set the record straight.

Mobile billboards offer quality matchmaking that drives your message directly to your precise audience. Every campaign sets off on a customized and strategic route, based on an advertiser’s goals and audience. We achieve a similar mass reach as our out-of-home relatives, but we’re much more targeted.

Pretend you work for a new coffee shop. Do you value the impressions of your freeway poster, which is seen by every speeding commuter, the same as you do those impressions that drive your message around existing coffee shops? We didn’t think so.

Mobile billboards offer unique advantages, including:

  • Strategic routing that considers an advertiser’s precise audience
  • Incredible eye-level visibility that breaks through the clutter for both pedestrian and vehicle travelers, intersecting consumers directly along path to purchase
  • Inventory is available anywhere in a market and in multiple markets – mobile billboards can drive anywhere!
  • Ability to go where other OOH is scarce – plus, no need to wait for a prime inventory location to become available
  • Advertiser doesn’t need to share the media space with any other advertisers; both sides of unit are fully dedicated to your brand
  • Flexible flight lengths for short- or long-term campaigns

The move-ability factor of mobile billboards is also a benefit. Ads that move are noticed quicker and are more memorable. Roadside billboards…don’t.

Traditional billboards and posters are often purchased by 30-day flights. Advertisers have to select the best location available to them at the time. They are often geared toward road warriors and their passengers, taking a bird’s eye view from the side of a highway. Inventory in different markets may be owned by different media companies, making a national buy harder to manage.

However, if your goal is to run a simple reminder campaign, then placing your brand on several posters may be effective for you. At a low CPM, they do have their place in some plans.

The last time you drove down a highway, how many posters were in your view in one glance? It’s hard to break through the clutter when you’re not the only advertiser in view. And have you ever seen those placement fails where an overgrown bush is blocking the image? Or there’s construction and the crane parks right in front of your advertisement?

Our mobile billboards are always able to position your message appropriately. Our mobile billboards have a domineering effect that can’t be ignored.

Transit advertising, placed on truck sides, buses or subways, do generally move. But they’re not on a customized route prescribed based on the advertiser’s objectives. Instead, they follow a transportation service’s already existing route. If you’re trying to reach a transient audience, certain transit opportunties may be effective.

They’re primarily designed to drive people or goods – not your message. Your ad dollars are just a secondary revenue stream for them.

Advertisers using transit placements usually share the real estate with other advertisers. They’re smaller placements that get cluttered among the other messages on the same vehicle.

For us, fleet maintenance includes ensuring the media space is in great shape. We take great efforts to keep our mobile billboard units shiny and clean. You’re our primary reason for being on the road, so we’ll never put your brand at risk.

There are several reasons why you may select a mobile billboard: to promote a grand opening, to launch a new product, to dominate at an event or trade show, to lift brand awareness or to promote a special offer. Our hyper-local matchmaking is designed to accomplish your specific goals. We consider both reach and frequency as we devise a unique-to-you campaign.

When you’re comparing out-of-home media formats, think about the impact you can drive with a mobile billboard as part of your mix.

Our mobile billboards are different. We believe they’re better. Say hello if you’re ready to put them to a test.

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