AT&T – Integrated Shadowfencing Campaign


The surges in online engagement is proof that our media format is fundamental for any location-based digital campaign. It’s a powerful integration that moves the needle for brands.” / – Regis Maher, President & Co-Founder, do it outdoors media

AT&T was launching a new selection of international wireless plans, allowing unlimited talk and text within and between the US and Mexico without roaming charges. To promote this new offering, AT&T wanted to pinpoint marketing efforts in (7) major markets in Southwest border states–San Diego, Tucson, Yuma, Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Laredo, Odessa and San Antonio.

Mobile billboards with Spanish and English creative were deployed in each market, along with a strategic combination of digital, an integrated shadowfencing campaign, along with geofencing.

The shadowfencing strategy was integrated into the mobile billboard’s GPS systems to serve complementary digital ads to those who entered the moving geofences, helping spread the word and encourage consumers to learn more about this new plan and sign up.

The top-performing shadowfence was Harlingen with a 0.76% CTR, followed by San Antonio at 0.75%.

Shadowfencing CTR’s were 369% compared to the industry average; geofencing CTR’s were 253% compared with industry average.

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16,310,162 mobile impressions

0.58% shadowfencing click-through-rate

0.76% top-performing shadowfence

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