Corner Bakery Cafe – Jet Pack Teams Generate Buzz for Catering Services

Corner Bakery Cafe

Pure, genuine word of mouth marketing is taking place in Oklahoma City! I have no doubt that together they have seeded relationships within the Quail Springs community that will be remembered and strengthened for years to come.” / – Linda Kennedy, Franchise Marketing Manager, Corner Bakery Cafe

Corner Bakery Cafe is one of our closest allies; their marketing and executive team have seen first-hand how a combination of mobile billboards and field marketing efforts can create buzz, drive traffic and increase sales. When we say ‘first-hand,’ we mean that CEO Mike Hislop wore a jet pack and came out in the field with our team once to engage the locals, himself. Now that’s a dedicated leader! We have worked closely with Corner Bakery Cafe on many of their grand openings and reboots, and we are very grateful for their continued business.

During a recent 3-day campaign, they were really excited to get the word out not only about their cafe destination but also their catering services. To incentivize social media mentions with our PhotoMarketing team, in-store tweeters were entered to win a gift certificate for catering. Plus, our jet pack team hit up local corporate offices, salons, hotels and event venues to promote new local catering options in-person.

3,150 special offers distributed

54 gallons of coffee distributed

347 PhotoMarketing pictures snapped

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