Drinkfinity – Lift in Brand Awareness

Drinkfinity Case Study

What a great thing to stumble upon while wandering out of my yoga class! I can’t wait to try all the flavors.” / – Erica, Brooklyn

To increase product awareness and trial, we activated an integrated out-of-home and mobile display campaign in Manhattan and Brooklyn, reaching those age 24 – 35 who are enthusiasts of the environment, social issues and health/fitness. We strategically plotted the best physical locations to activate in, and we optimized digital impression delivery to the same areas at the same times our media was there. Using a combination of a mobile billboard, a field marketing team with sampling vehicle and the mobile display ads proved successful at lifting brand awareness. After 9 days, the campaign achieved over 860K impressions and generated nearly 9,000 leads for the Drinkfinity brand.

+199% branded searches during activation

-27% cost per qualified visit

+141% qualified visits (pre vs during campaign)

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